Why Shah Faesal Left Bureaucracy For Politics

Ten years ago, he became the first Kashmiri to top the IAS exam. But 35-year-old Shah Faesal quit his prestigious central government job this year to start his own political party. He gave Brut India five reasons why a politician would be more effective than a bureaucrat in helping resolve the Kashmir dispute.

03/06/2019 4:03 AM
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  • Savinay K.
    03/06/2019 04:04

    aise bhi log

  • Maqsood H.
    03/06/2019 04:04

    I am Indian but I stand with Pakistan because they did not torture Indian army pilot while India is harassing muslims all over the country. Shame on BJP & Modi.

  • عبدالحی گ.
    03/06/2019 04:07

    Best of Luck Boy.Good Luck Kashmir.Free Kashmir❤

  • Anna R.
    03/06/2019 04:09

    That's the beauty of Indian politics.

  • Syed S.
    03/06/2019 04:09

    He was fed up with the policies of the Govt. regarding Kashmir

  • P R.
    03/06/2019 04:09

    He is a separatists , he should be banned.. good atleast he quit IAS. Now he is funded mufti

  • Prashant S.
    03/06/2019 04:11

    तुम साले दोगले एडमिन सिर्फ और सिर्फ सरकार के विरुद्ध लोगों को सो करते हो सरकार की अच्छाइयां नहीं बल्कि सिर्फ अच्छाइयों में बुराइयों को दिखाते हो

  • Arun D.
    03/06/2019 04:11

    he clearly has different motives and intensions on kashmir and idea of india, with intentions otherwise to what india thinks- he obviously is not suited for a govt job, by entering in politics he wants to encash the radicalised islamic kashmir's and sell his narrative, which india does not endorse..

  • Vinod B.
    03/06/2019 04:12

    Now you exposed yourself!! I told you that you are part of #URBANNAXALS every 2-3 posts you pushes your agenda 🤣🤣 and where is the Justice for Kashmiri Pundits if you are talking about FREEDOM of Speech!!

  • Zahid C.
    03/06/2019 04:19

    What a shameful moment for whole Indian nation. Country having defence budget more than total budget of Pak, they couldnt give security to their 49 soldiers, lost 2 planes and a chopper, 7 pilots killed and one captured, seriously a shameful moment. Indian people need to ask these questions to BJP 😂 Psycho indian news channels & Funny dreamy filmi indian Army 😂😅😆 #loserindians

  • Olive S.
    03/06/2019 04:24

    Unfollowing this page for spreading anti India propaganda.

  • Javaid K.
    03/06/2019 04:27

    I will be better off.

  • Prithish R.
    03/06/2019 04:28

    Brute India (Pakistan) spreading anti India sentiment. Request Indians to Unsubscribe this page or stay back fight back and make them fall in line and say the truth.

  • Prithish R.
    03/06/2019 04:28

    Admin of brute India Barkha Dutt ?

  • Arun S.
    03/06/2019 04:29

    Best of luck !!! In your fruitful endeavour!!!

  • Tridib P.
    03/06/2019 04:31

    He is a Hypocrite & a potential terrorist leader. His opinions and ideas are not constructive. He is Separatist. It would be better for us if we just ignore this betrayer otherwise he will get the attention he seeks. Just arrested/terminate this traitor. Otherwise he will be another Masood Azhar. Shame on you Shah Faesal, this is our misfortune that you born to this country. Screw you, go to hell. Your whole family should be in jail also, because they have put this kind of ideas to your mind. Die you moron, just die.

  • Venkat G.
    03/06/2019 04:35

    There is no so called kashmir issue, only issue is some people fighting to destroy all other religions in order to get 72 virgins in heaven.

  • Pramoda B.
    03/06/2019 04:36

    Jay Bharata mata ki jay

  • Shashidhar G.
    03/06/2019 04:39

    Sir ur idea is good but if there is a presidential governing country like U.S. even a cobbler Abraham Lincoln can give best administration to the country without any nuisance from opposition parties currently happening in India. Hope so there's a change in our system to become a developed nation in the near future.

  • Abdul G.
    03/06/2019 04:42

    Shah faesal last statement is upto the mark' if the government of the day is wrong'