• Taru L.
    25/02/2021 08:18

    If the ignorant ones change their perspective on women and start treating them as ‘human beings’ certain countries would be much more developed and successful and not lagging behind !!!!

  • Gopal G.
    25/02/2021 06:29


  • Sajith D.
    23/02/2021 19:30

    Incredible india🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Akash G.
    22/02/2021 15:08


  • Amana Z.
    22/02/2021 10:36

    Ths is 2021..with baseless & spineless peoples 😓 worst part is public itslf r enjoying n mocking the poor lady instead of giving her a handful of support!! 😣😣

  • Anuradha C.
    22/02/2021 05:05

    What he is saying is right. But the forum should have been common people. The people of the village where this incident occurred.

  • Abhi B.
    22/02/2021 03:45

    Women safety ka naaara lagate hai But when it comes to protect and safeguard them they act as hypocrites.. shame on these heartless inhumans!! What action has been taken ?? We need to know

  • Jordanna I.
    21/02/2021 17:13

    All these males ( I won't call them men),are afraid of being deserted by their own wives. They know they don't deserve a woman standing by their side,they don't deserve it.this is their way of trying to discourage their wives/ girlfriends from leaving them

  • Chowkidar S.
    20/02/2021 15:21

    Why there is no new from other countries.

  • Elsy M.
    20/02/2021 05:05

    The culprits should be put behind bars till their death

  • Deepak A.
    20/02/2021 03:09

    How can we expect some politicians like these who respect cows more than woman???

  • Irfan A.
    19/02/2021 21:01

    India is heaven for women that's it

  • Jo D.
    19/02/2021 19:45

    Bhakts New law Soon it will be pass in UP

  • Mary S.
    19/02/2021 18:05

    Even after divorcing with mutual consent a woman has to undergo all these ill treatment...sick of this society!!🤒

  • Jamie A.
    19/02/2021 16:00

    Uneducated people with tribal thinking.. I'm not even sad just furious

  • Al A.
    19/02/2021 15:24


  • Kay M.
    19/02/2021 14:31

    No surprises after finding out where it happened.

  • Sameena K.
    19/02/2021 14:29

    Its a shame n especially India where idols r worshipped n real human being women r treated so badly

  • Monica S.
    19/02/2021 13:34

    So sad! Hope she receives the support and help.

  • AshokKumar I.
    19/02/2021 12:10

    Well done 👍 police , North India is so adament

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