Won't Give An Inch To Pakistan: Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor slammed Pakistan and said that the opposition parties in India stand united with Narendra Modi on Kashmir at the United Nations.

09/10/2019 11:28 AM
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  • Gaurav S.
    09/10/2019 11:35

    We stand united in Sunanda Pushar case too...😑

  • Moushumee D.
    09/10/2019 11:35

    Modi hein toh mumkin hein .....🤩🤩

  • Rahim K.
    09/10/2019 11:35

    Pakistan and India get their armad forces out of Jammu kashmir and leave Jammu kashmir as an independent country as it was on 15th of August 1947

  • Safwan O.
    09/10/2019 11:36

    getting closer ,bloody closer to BJP

  • Aashik K.
    09/10/2019 11:37

    bhai iski Hindi sun kitna improve kiya hai 🤣

  • Yahya H.
    09/10/2019 11:38

    Maqbooza Kashmir Pakistan ki Shah ragh hy .. It's the Jugular vein of Pakistan .. IOK k bghr Pakistan Namukamal hy .. We stand with them .. My political, moral, human and "armed" support is with them .. we cannot see our women being raped and childern molested ..

  • Rehan U.
    09/10/2019 11:39

    India can go to the UN or wherever and cry about 'PoK' . No need to give pathetic lectures on UN Resolutions since India doesn't believe in human rights and human rights organizations in any case.

  • Nakul D.
    09/10/2019 11:39

    Budhaape me akkal aa rahi hai tharki ko

  • Vivek G.
    09/10/2019 11:39

    Yes united we stand and divided we fall

  • Junaid M.
    09/10/2019 11:39

    Wife murderer

  • Bishwajit P.
    09/10/2019 11:40

    I am ecstatically delighted and disproportionately flabbergasted with enormous gratification and appreciation for the dispensation of such a tendering and mesmerizing information in which the prestidigitation of the concurrent and subsequent matter is thoroughly demonstrated through the innuances alluding to literal and metaphorical context. It is highly imperative to note that, such is the significance of the aforementioned distortion in any shape or form will result in catastrophic ramifications to which will be the outcome of epic proportions. I thank you for your unequivocal.Idealically, based on my intellectual capacity and my vast knowledge, tactically and tentatively, right from the beginning of times especially in the light of Ecclesiastes evolution, I have come to a concrete, definite and profound conclusion that I actually have nothing to say... Thank you!

  • Anuj C.
    09/10/2019 11:44

    Ghost of Sunanda pushkar still haunts you through indian investigation agencies,that's why badle badle se sarkar najar aate hain

  • Ceung T.
    09/10/2019 11:45

    Look at all these Pakistani's puking and ranting in Indian pages, seriously don't you Pakistani's have your own news pages to follow...! Lol, I thought all these Pakistani's boycotted Indian entertainment and news channels already....! 😂😂😂😂😂 #Hypocrites

  • Zain M.
    09/10/2019 11:46

    He was a sensible person before this statement.

  • Karthik N.
    09/10/2019 11:47

    Its not any big News at all , As he serves to India he has right Protect & be a part of Indian Secularism.

  • Rahman R.
    09/10/2019 11:47

    Hypocrites why dont u speak Aksai chinn part of kashmir which china took. Shigsham valley under china

  • Amit A.
    09/10/2019 11:47

    Welcome to BJP

  • Ali R.
    09/10/2019 11:48

    Behan chood Joker Media... Juggler's Politicians

  • Balaji S.
    09/10/2019 11:48

    You're in the wrong Party, now that recently Congress is directionless you've been making the right calls but no-one would listen to you cos your views contradict with Ms.Gandhi's views

  • Muhammad A.
    09/10/2019 11:57

    Good for you to say that other wise you should be killed 😂