Young Blogger Appeals For Peace On The Borders

A young travel blogger’s journey through villages along Kashmir’s LoC inspired her to pen an endearing appeal against warmongering. 🇮🇳🇵🇰☮️

06/03/2019 3:44 PM
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  • Al-Qimmi n.
    10/04/2019 10:43

    Terrorists are those who kill us with impunity Terrorists are those who justify terrorism in Kashmir Terrorists are those who support genocide Oppression siege in Kashmir Terrorists are those who rejoice our sufferings Terrorists are those who arson our schools colleges hospitals business establishments farm lands Who vandalise our homes cars ambulances public properties Terrorists are those... Who are laced with licence to kill even toddlers of Kashmir Hell with terrorism and its groupies

  • Javid H.
    09/04/2019 08:37


  • Shazaib V.
    09/04/2019 01:28

    Modi terrorists

  • Sudhanshu G.
    08/04/2019 12:38

    Go duck your self with your travelling video. They also stones our Army. They helps terrorists infilterate in India. There are several videos of them escorting terrorists . If any thing then our government is saving them . And yeah I can understand that liberal mindset of proving terrorists into gentlemen and your hunger for fame. But it is not gonaa happen. By the way I dare you to make a video of those Kashmiri pandits family who were forced to leave Kashmiri during 1989 . Gaand fatt gayi na

  • Manik S.
    07/04/2019 18:01

    Nonsense, come to border areas near jammu as well where people actually died from Pakistan shelling. Oh well Kashmir borders only help you in selling propaganda !!

  • Irshad D.
    06/04/2019 09:18

    What do u mean by terrorists?Do you mean kashmir is muslim populated so u can easily coin a term terrorist for them just like in west 😡😡

  • Sheen Z.
    03/04/2019 20:17

    U don't know nothing about Kashmir no one knows properly the true story ... Don't u think u need to do more research.... I know criticism is very easy but it's my belief if u don't know whole truth don't take a side.... either u r interested to get more views like every one

  • Butt G.
    03/04/2019 16:04

    Thanks for make this video

  • Sumit P.
    02/04/2019 19:45

    Shristi Tehri ur a wonderful blogger....write a few lines abt the biggest turmoil in history of kashmir....1989...I want to know ur views on dat too

  • Dar M.
    28/03/2019 03:39

    India is terrorest country in the world... indians want kill all muslims from world.. ha ha ha because they feel fear by muslims muslims are stars sky sun sea.. these things Cannot to be end.

  • Ankush V.
    26/03/2019 21:37


  • Ϳαηι τ.
    24/03/2019 16:30

    India = I never do illigle actions.

  • Mohd A.
    24/03/2019 12:13


  • Sameer D.
    24/03/2019 10:35

    Leave kashmir as per 23 UN resolutions which your then PM took to UN himself... India is a country of rapists pedophiles eunuchs and hypocrites...

  • Manzoor W.
    24/03/2019 07:45


  • Bikash S.
    23/03/2019 01:23

    Na na baby... Galat h... It's not the full story swthrt

  • Masroor B.
    22/03/2019 18:47

    Thank God Someone has heart and have feelings for humans

  • Imran G.
    22/03/2019 16:22


  • Sohan S.
    22/03/2019 04:28

    Yes war is not a solution.

  • Gairik B.
    21/03/2019 15:45

    FACTS ABOUT KASHMIR TERRORISM. 👁 👁 EYE OPENER 👁 👁 State of J&K Under India ( Area wise 101380 sq Km) Excluding POK. Kashmir : 15% Jammu : 26% Ladakh : 59% 85,000 sq Km comprising 85% area are not Muslim Majority. Population - 1.25 Crores Kashmir : 69 Lakhs. (Only 55 Lakhs speak Kashmiri. Rest 13 lakhs speak Non kashmiri languages.) Jammu : 53 Lakhs. (Dogri, Punjabi, Hindi) Ladakh : 03 Lakhs. (Ladakhi language) This does not include 7.5 lakh people settled who do not have citizenship. There are 22 districts in J&K. Out of which only 5 Districts where separatists have the say ; Srinagar, Anantnag, Baramullah, Kulgam and Pulwama. Other 17 districts are Pro India. So separatist's writ runs in just 15% of the population which are Sunni Muslim dominated. Interestingly these 5 districts are far away from Pakistan Border/LOC. There are more than fourteen major Religious/ ethinic groups comprising 85% of the population of J&K who are Pro India. These include: Shias ; Dogras: (Rajputs, Brahmins & Mahajans); Kashmiri Pandits; Sikhs; Buddhists ( Ladakhis ); Gujjars; Bakarwals; Paharis; Baltis; Christians & many more. Majority of the people in J&K do not speak Kashmiri as their mother tongue. It's Dogri, Gujjari, Punjabi, Ladhaki , Pahari etc. Only 33 % people in Kashmir speak Kashmiri & this group controls narrative from Hurriyat to militants and from NC and PDP. This 33% controls business, bureaucracy & agriculture. This sunni 33% is opposed to India although population of all other muslims in JK is 69 %. Shias (12%), Gujjars Muslims (14%), Pahadi Muslims ( 8%), Buddhists , Pandits, Sufis, Christians and Jammu Hindus/ Dogras ( aprox 45%) are totally opposed to separatism and Pakistan. Stone pelting , Hoisting of Pakistani flags & Anti India demonstrations are held in just 5 Districts in Kashmir valley. Other 17 districts have never participated in such activities. Poonch and Kargil have above 90% Muslim population. There has never been an Anti India or separatist protest in these districts. It is only the Anti National Media and other Anti India forces who with their own nefarious designs have created an impression that "WHOLE J&K" is against India. Whereas the truth is that just 15% of the Population comprising Sunni Muslims inhabiting 5 Districts of Kashmir province are fanning the separatist activities. Please spread this message to every INDIAN to UNITE and SAVE the Sovereignty of Our Nation and Defeat the Nefarious Designs of Pakistan and root out terrorism.

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