• Steve A.
    02/05/2018 16:22

    Bullshit pichai

  • Anand Y.
    01/27/2018 17:48

    our pichai😂😂

  • Avhik P.
    01/27/2018 09:37

    vai ata dak

  • Shreya M.
    01/27/2018 09:00

    this man!

  • Nutakki S.
    01/27/2018 08:33


  • Venil K.
    01/27/2018 07:55

    That's great

  • Hari P.
    01/27/2018 07:16

    now a days girls cant use the available tech in good manner..how they are going to be better in tech?

  • Aashlesh D.
    01/27/2018 06:51

    But IDGAF! 😂😂

  • Rajat K.
    01/27/2018 06:42

    Surbhi Vishwakarma this is for u dear...🙂

  • Mukul S.
    01/27/2018 06:38

    see this

  • Aditya S.
    01/27/2018 06:15

    Technology world is like mech dept bro

  • Tishant C.
    01/27/2018 06:11

    , bro tell him about the 20% reservatiom for girls in iit from this year onwards :p

  • Shubham R.
    01/27/2018 05:56


  • Vandeek D.
    01/27/2018 05:43

    asli foreign accent Jo bahar Jake banta hai ! Hope you know what I mean 😂😂

  • Raj K.
    01/27/2018 05:29


  • Avinash M.
    01/27/2018 05:27

    Hey it is easy to say and focus on building your tech in india

  • Shivam S.
    01/27/2018 05:14

    Saurabh Shukla

  • Darshan G.
    01/27/2018 05:09

    33% RESERVATION QUOTA FOR WOMEN IN GOOGLE, MICROSOFT & OTHER MNCs 😂😂😂 That's the only way to bring more women or it should not even matter whether it's man or woman JUST LOOK AT THE TALENT... Why concentrate on the gender ??? By all means fair competition & equal opportunities for both the sexes but in the end all that should matter is TALENT not sex ratio ! Its like tomorrow you feel women did not win enough Nobel Prize in number game but Marie Curie won not One But Two!! Concentrate on Quality not the Quantity. Women Don't Need Reservation! Its not a number game, we have Indra Nooyi, Chanda kocchar, Arundhati Bhattacharya, Tessy Thomas, late Kalpana Chawla not to mention the women chief ministers of India. Be DESERVING we had enough politics in this country in the name of religion,caste,gender...

  • Arush D.
    01/27/2018 04:49

    Er Ishika Dhiman 🤗 see this interview

  • Anurag S.
    01/27/2018 04:35

    I think the focus should not be on women it should rather be on skilled people. Man and women should be provided equal opportunity to study and prepare but the person with best skill should be employed.