Here’s What India’s New Train Toilets Look Like

Loo and behold: Indian trains are getting a fancy toilet makeover.

12/05/2018 12:38 PM
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  • San C.
    12/05/2018 12:40

    Shit will look more shiny 😂😂

  • Prince L.
    12/05/2018 12:43

    Sale khol ke le jaenge kuch nhi kr paoge inka😂😂😂😂😂

  • Naveen R.
    12/05/2018 12:43

    Finally its mentioned and available only for satabdi express!!!

  • Joydeep B.
    12/05/2018 12:43

    Now, porkis will come with their toilet comments.

  • Anurag D.
    12/05/2018 12:45

    Hugne aur mootne walon ki niyat badal do.... Sauchalaya chamakne lagega...

  • Joyita B.
    12/05/2018 12:45

    These types of lavatories are there in Paris .. I found these very convenient but are time taking

  • Rohan G.
    12/05/2018 12:46

    A great move by the Railways but what about the stupid public. Wait for 2 days. Pipes gone, sensors broken, gutka marks all over. Stealing all the stuff. And mostly the non taxpaying people do this... And some ministers also do this 😂

  • Ange L.
    12/05/2018 12:47

    It was all "Wow!" for me until that white fella came in with his "made me want to go to the toilet" joke. 😂😂😂

  • Shane C.
    12/05/2018 12:52

    We don't spare the aircraft lavatory and you think this would work?

  • Vikrant B.
    12/05/2018 12:53

    People are shit ..need to change their mindset while using public property.

  • Śhahinur I.
    12/05/2018 12:54

    hugne ke liye pani nhi rehta to saaf kaise hoga

  • Raja G.
    12/05/2018 12:54

    jolly dhan

  • Mayur P.
    12/05/2018 12:55

    Sumit Pathak khush hoja

  • Shaad A.
    12/05/2018 12:58

    Vo sab to thik, dhone ke liye kya intezaam hai? waha b khali bottle leke jana hai kya?.

  • Bhanu P.
    12/05/2018 13:05

    When the minister is dedicated .....everything will change , even though slowly.

  • Rohit D.
    12/05/2018 13:05

    where are the chamchas???? look what modi is doing😊

  • Prerna G.
    12/05/2018 13:06

    No way the Indian government is going to do something this serviceable to the public 😂

  • Shiva S.
    12/05/2018 13:06

    Indian railway toilet maintenance is better than before. So no need to exaggerate it

  • AlAn P.
    12/05/2018 13:07

    Give a day to our fellow beings .They will prove that even this is soo nasty..Its.the people's mentality to changed first.These model toilets are there in many European Nations.Very.Cleaned and maintained.First teach people how to use this then establish.

  • প্রিয়াংকা ম.
    12/05/2018 13:08

    Chalo Ab Meri Mummy Bohot khush ho jayegi......😂😂😂 Lekin Heaters firbhi kahenge ki Modi sarakar kuchvi nehi kar raha😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣