Internet Shutdowns Increasing In India

Internet shutdowns in India have spiked under the administration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

02/15/2018 6:30 AM
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  • Pradyumna S.
    02/15/2018 06:35

    These internet shutdowns are because of security reasons. In Haryana, there was this shutdown to prevent riots after Ram Rahim arrest. In J&K its a norm because of terrorist activities. These shutdowns are necessary for national interest. What do you expect from any Government to control law and order in 21st century.

  • Suryansh P.
    02/15/2018 06:38


  • Varun S.
    02/15/2018 06:40

    Jenit Ransinh Mandar Kamble

  • Nitin B.
    02/15/2018 06:41

    Why do brut have a problem with closed internet do this page ever shown the problems our country and our soldiers are facing due to kashmir(terrorism) Modi is not fond of shutting down internet if he would the same would have happen to every state of india Antimodi #BRUT

  • Dinesh B.
    02/15/2018 06:41

    Brut india ko change karke brut Congress rakhle -_-

  • Clayton M.
    02/15/2018 06:44

    Step 5 of how to be dictator

  • Akash Y.
    02/15/2018 06:55

    Government blames internet for violence and misinformation, that's absurd to the core.. I think any sane and educated person will realise that the people running the government are the biggest culprits behind the violence,Communal discords and what not... Stupid demagogues should self reflect on this.

  • Shubham C.
    02/15/2018 07:01

    where are these critics when there is an attack on the soldiers and clashes between the mobs and the security forces

  • Shahid K.
    02/15/2018 07:02

    lol this happens everyday i had a client in kashmir and the deal never went through because he didnt had internet for weeks and they would get it for a day through some vpn or something bt again it use to get shut down somehow. i dunno how this works bt one thing is for sure it hampered the business of many kashmiris. plus he use to say whatever the media is showing the situation is not that worse, its all hyped up.

  • Diwakar R.
    02/15/2018 07:05

    Brut baby.....the shut down in Kashmir is due to the terrorist attack. But for you the internet is far more important than the soldiers martyred this itself shows who the fuck you work for.

  • Vishnu S.
    02/15/2018 07:06

    Still #Brut is spared inspite of daily modi criticism. Think about that friends. How wrongly they are manipulating the datas. The blockade of internet for 24 hours made them angry. Lol why? Are people doing teleportation when riot occours?

  • Kevin A.
    02/15/2018 07:07

    Fuk modi !!!

  • Viren V.
    02/15/2018 07:08

    What a shame dude! U don't even understand that it was done for security concerns.. This much dumb you are..

  • Mahua G.
    02/15/2018 07:09

    Such a useless news

  • Swapnil B.
    02/15/2018 07:11

    Well the rise in internet population is tremendous after 2013. Today social media n chat groups are some of the best way to spread lies. May be shutting it down is not the best solution but any government will do the same. Authenticity of content could help but again the weak scrutinisation model is the real problem.

  • Phani S.
    02/15/2018 07:11

    Yes , to stop the communication. Communication is the major cause for riots and peltings. If communication is blacked half of the riots can be stoped. This pages doesn't even have some mind getting this logic you idiots

  • Vaishali N.
    02/15/2018 07:16

    Fuck you Brut India, everything you post is biased as hell, ever heard of objectivity, honesty, two sided stories?? 😑😡 unfollowing your page

  • Sandeep R.
    02/15/2018 07:17

    Darjiling internet connection was shut down for months . That time Moron news channel like you did not even care..

  • Vinod S.
    02/15/2018 07:18

    Prestittutes are back .. Just doing internet shutdown in states like kashmir where people use to invite mobs owing to unrest in valley after militants are bumped down by army becomes major shutdown across india .....See how news are being projected ....That itself shows its malicious intent

  • Manish R.
    02/15/2018 07:21

    Get into the facts And actual reasons. Don't perceive into by watching some cool presentable edited video...