• Neeraj S.
    22/02/2021 15:01


  • Chandan S.
    30/01/2021 07:48

    Today the science technology day date 28/2/2021

  • Rekha C.
    05/01/2021 05:10

    A big salute to you k.Sivan sir & congratulations.

  • Dhanu B.
    04/01/2021 16:53

    Jai Hind

  • Naini R.
    03/01/2021 04:47

    Hats off to you sir

  • Jay S.
    02/01/2021 08:18


  • Khusro M.
    31/12/2020 22:54

    There is no success without trying. Trying requires doing mistakes and correcting it. K.Sivan is a brilliant scientist determined to succeed.

  • Shobana N.
    31/12/2020 15:42

    There are teenagers who wish to recall in good achievements for the future generations,and the other teenegerswho waste their life like wild animals.đŸ€”đŸ˜đŸ˜’

  • Enayat
    31/12/2020 11:35

    Failure is also a part of the steps to success.! Nothing teaches better than failures. I wish him very good luck and hopeful for success in his mission! Keep going on success is waiting for you! Sometimes achieving the goal is not only success, not giving up is also a success!

  • Sumi T.
    31/12/2020 10:04

    What for? To waste another 10000 crores?

  • Aakash G.
    07/09/2019 14:36

    Hats off to you sir you are a pride of our nation.

  • Abinaya K.
    07/09/2019 09:15

    Dear super man U have made us proud with ur sleepless nights . We are happy for ur efforts and success . we ur Indian family will definitely be with u even if u fail or succeed. Ur effort will definitely succeed one-day . Thanks a lot for what u have done for the country. We are so proud of you

  • S K.
    19/08/2019 19:41

    Now people will not say about cast. Give me fare chance . I will create history

  • S K.
    19/08/2019 19:40

    Schedule cast ki takat

  • S K.
    19/08/2019 19:39

    Ise kahte hai . Jb moolniwasio ko mouka mila. Loha mnwaya hai.

  • Sandip D.
    19/08/2019 13:42

    àŠœà§Ÿ àŠčàŠżàŠšà§àŠŠ

  • Philip J.
    19/08/2019 06:46

    OMG yes dear good friends n great Comrades feels vry proud honours n great salutes being son of poor family

  • Sunny S.
    18/08/2019 19:35

    Great man....

  • Sandeep V.
    17/08/2019 13:00

    Hatts off to you sir u r an inspiration to every1

  • Amit S.
    17/08/2019 01:23

    Esha kam wahi kar sakta hai kishaan ka beta kayu ke us mai telent or junun hota hai