Robot Manual Scavengers

India's most downtrodden have worked as manual scavengers, an illegal and inhuman occupation. Now, a startup in Kerala has designed robots to do the job.

02/18/2018 3:00 AM
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  • Sushant K.
    02/18/2018 03:13

    What will the labours earn and eat if robots are gonna replace them

  • Naveen B.
    02/18/2018 03:17

    Us bande ki baat to suni nhi apni apni rath lgaye jare ho. WO earning isi kam se krta h. Ab kya krega WO. Never tell one sided stories like fools do

  • Barath A.
    02/18/2018 03:19

    remember my call

  • Sagnik D.
    02/18/2018 03:21

    This will actually unemploy those people ! Idiots

  • Vishnu Y.
    02/18/2018 03:23

    So to promote your robot your showing and playing some sad background and making sadness at his work .. .. Creating a robot it means your taking off 1/4 of manual work force ..

  • Gautam P.
    02/18/2018 03:24

    Janardan Jakhar

  • Prashant D.
    02/18/2018 03:26

    Waooo really a clap for the inventors.... 👏👏 5 bando ki job chhin liya ek robot ne.. good fr nothing..

  • Raghuveersinh C.
    02/18/2018 03:29

    Acha invention he par 👏👏 par rojghar chin liya

  • Ashfak Z.
    02/18/2018 03:31

    Great wrk

  • Rahul S.
    02/18/2018 03:31

    This technology should be given specifically to the guys who have been scavenging for years

  • Marian D.
    02/18/2018 03:31

    Why does he look like the Indian version of Antonio Banderas?

  • Alokananda
    02/18/2018 03:33

    To all those who are so worried about the unemployment of the manual scavengers, Remember that humans are needed to operate the machine. Trainings to the manual scavengers to operate the machine in shifts can save their employment and you all should be talking about improvising that process.

  • Pratima D.
    02/18/2018 03:34

    Kerla is superb.its growing like foreign. I salute.

  • Shankhadip K.
    02/18/2018 03:38

    Nice tech... but a machine can be operated by only 1 and other 4 ...what will they do??

  • Sanal K.
    02/18/2018 03:40


  • Ben J.
    02/18/2018 03:41

    science is great but the question now is will the goverment provide those who work as sewage cleaner a better or more human job/work. Or are they now increasing the number of umemployed population?

  • Bhumika V.
    02/18/2018 03:45

    Khoob bro

  • Sai V.
    02/18/2018 03:47

    aliyaa nigada college payyanmare alle eth konde vanne...🙊

  • Pankaja P.
    02/18/2018 03:47

    It's good indeed. But what about the employment ? Where else would they work? Is the government that much capable to provide them other employment opportunities?

  • Naresh B.
    02/18/2018 03:49

    Nice video, this technology a India,s future I proud of Indian technology & engineers jai hind