Robot Manual Scavengers

India's most downtrodden have worked as manual scavengers, an illegal and inhuman occupation. Now, a startup in Kerala has designed robots to do the job.

18/02/2018 3:00 AM
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  • Joe J.
    21/02/2018 06:08

    That's Kerala for u

  • M. H.
    19/02/2018 14:42

    My Mind = Blown Away 😮🤪

  • Narayana M.
    19/02/2018 08:43

    All state government agencies must use this machine Bcc take note n use d robots instead of manual cleaning

  • Sil S.
    19/02/2018 02:34

    Who's said its good job, People work for one time food, that one also taking back.....

  • Kavya S.
    19/02/2018 02:19


  • Gokul H.
    19/02/2018 02:14

    Sreyas Sreelal

  • Akshata C.
    19/02/2018 01:48

    Yoo let's show our class that documentary

  • Sng P.
    19/02/2018 01:18

    Good next time make walking robot 👌

  • DrAjay S.
    18/02/2018 23:43

    . Atleast someone is working

  • Amalia D.
    18/02/2018 22:36

    .... I`m afraid I tend to agree with the concern re the jobs of those doing the jobs already ... it`s a known fact that the caste system in India means that the poor bastards doing this job now are the poorest of the poor. The sensitivity surrounding these issues and empathy for those doing the job and from those castes exemplified by the fucktard asking "but why do you do this job?". I`ve got more fucking chance of getting the job to operate the bloody robot than that poor git that is doing the job now - and I`m a woman. Some of the people commenting below are fucking deluded.

  • Swarnajit M.
    18/02/2018 20:16

    But this robot may take..the employment of poor sewage workers. Its a great innovation, but at the same time...we should think about poor people who earn their living by cleaning sewage. Its illegal.....atleast we should find a better jobs for them if we r replacing sewage workers with robots. JAI HIND 🇮🇳❤

  • Ritik S.
    18/02/2018 20:04

    Boutspro Unlimited actions

  • Harish A.
    18/02/2018 19:52

    Some heartening news coming from your land!

  • Er A.
    18/02/2018 19:39

    dats a great step.....but what about rehab of such workers?

  • Vysakh V.
    18/02/2018 19:25

    Ashwini look

  • Anant G.
    18/02/2018 19:22

    u-sbm point 2

  • Vishwadeep S.
    18/02/2018 19:22


  • Sanjay M.
    18/02/2018 19:11


  • Sanjay M.
    18/02/2018 19:11


  • Sail U.
    18/02/2018 19:05

    Rohit Sahu

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