The Surprising Secrets Of Social Media Trolls

Do trolls attend the University of WhatsApp? This woman spent years studying rightwing trolls. This is the what she found.📱

11/02/2019 5:25 AMupdated: 27/08/2020 11:48 AM
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  • Balbinder S.
    10/02/2021 21:59

    Ha Gupta you are modi’s toy boy it’s true no😂

  • Rituparna S.
    14/05/2020 05:09

    Good joke.

  • Modi B.
    06/03/2020 13:33

    Yeh chutiya bana gayi!!🤣🤣🤣

  • John K.
    23/08/2019 22:13

    Brave courageous lady , clearly exposed the sick and vile creatures, that are commenting on here, brilliant investigative journalism

  • Tanveer A.
    29/05/2019 20:15

    Look at the comments also I don’t know why it always backfired when someone raise any question about the current Prime minister or a party

  • Vasu R.
    27/02/2019 21:24

    I am educated and a successful business woman.I am a BJP supporter not because I am jobless,but because I like their ideology and their leaders who speak without duplicity. They are a group of Indians that love their country, not like a retard Rahul.

  • Rajiv M.
    19/02/2019 06:01

    They have to make a good living for themselves

  • Amit R.
    18/02/2019 16:53

    How much khangress party paid her? If bjp has a troll army khangress has also one with equal size. Why no research on that lady? An rape / kill threat? Pure white lies.

  • Vikas B.
    17/02/2019 20:42

    hum to andhay aur behray hain LOL

  • Darshan A.
    17/02/2019 04:25

    Look who's talking... Why were they spreading hate all this years against Modi. Has she forgotten all the terrorist attacks on India, where does this hate come from. Be true to your nation, have humanity, innocent people have been killed irrespective of their religion. By doing this you are further imbibing Hate.... Stop this.... Unity is the language we should speak, Modi is developing the nation, all his reforms and developmental projects are for all Indians and not for a particular religion. Stop spreading lies. Be honest, accept and admit that Modi is taking India to the next level. He wants India to be more and more successful and developed on the map of the World.

  • Anand P.
    16/02/2019 03:55

    She thinks that her means of living so far, been highjacked by so called BJP Media People. Nothing else. Earlier what she was writing and preaching used to get her luxurious lifestyle and now her customer base is shrinking and they have understood the hollowness in her thoughts.

  • Nicholas E.
    16/02/2019 02:05


  • Balerao S.
    15/02/2019 19:10

    You are earning your livelihood by giving fake research...left scedo secular... and urban naxel

  • Manoj K.
    15/02/2019 05:14

    She is proof that people are starting to learn correct history and there culture

  • Harini J.
    15/02/2019 03:45

    Congress is spreading hate through you people

  • Harini J.
    15/02/2019 03:44

    70 years these people had no tounge and every fool speak....yes whole world knows which is paid media who work for whom it's better if people like you don't talk about PM

  • Saritha R.
    14/02/2019 21:53

    The wonderful feeling by opposition We are not bothered what people think We want Modiji again Destroy corrupt political system from India Brut

  • Ravi K.
    14/02/2019 21:33

    Can you please share some facts? When left wings calls a whole mass of people Bhakts , zombie, Godi Media, They Call PM Chor , hilter. So basically if the Left does it it’s fine . Right wing has no rights? Why should we always feed that left wing is most educated, most knowledgeable, most honest. Please stop your selective outrage and victim hood, how many left wing or Congress trolls did you interview???

  • Tejal M.
    14/02/2019 19:47

    The very fact that she can speak so openly proves her points as rubbish!!!! She's just ranting.

  • Umesh J.
    14/02/2019 06:47

    Playing a victim card at the end always work for these people. Well if she had completely exposed the right wing troll army, then a Messiah is born for anti right gang because they are the most innocent ones of the lot 😂

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