Turning Back The Clock, The Fascinating History Of Time In India

Why does India have only one time zone? Is it time to change this?

03/23/2018 2:00 AM
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  • Devadwip D.
    03/23/2018 02:26

    Start work at 8am instate of 10am. No need of separate time zone. For Easter part.

  • Pooja P.
    03/23/2018 02:31

    I wish the writer of article was attentive in School, stop providing misleading information to readers.

  • Sandoor S.
    03/23/2018 02:41


  • Ubaid A.
    03/23/2018 02:43

    hum timezone ka panga global level pr hatane ki baat kr rahe the aur ye to India mein hi time zone ki baat kr rhe hain

  • Akshith K.
    03/23/2018 03:19

    China also have 1 time zone

  • Anil
    03/23/2018 03:19

    Brut is one of the idiotic propaganda machine.

  • Swarup C.
    03/23/2018 03:21

    Useless practical rather than following obtuse politicians.. States which are facing ptoblems due to this time zone should start official working time earlier...this will save energy and resources.. where there is will there is a way

  • Mudasir Z.
    03/23/2018 03:22

    It means that we are spending fake time.

  • Mahesh S.
    03/23/2018 03:26

    What is the ONE thing that unites India? There are so many damn things that unites us Indians.

  • ÅñjäLï S.
    03/23/2018 03:26

    Abe kaam ka time aage peeche krne se bhi problem solve ho sakti hai kuch bhi bakwas krna h bs Brut congress ko😂😂

  • Katta V.
    03/23/2018 03:28

    So already our northeast has little disconnect on many counts with our Mainland india ... Having a seperate time zone will only add one more thing to feel seperated & disconnect grows .. instead provide for infrastructure that would ease these hindrances & make life little easier there & more importantly invest in people to people contact thereby creating avenues for learning cultures of each other .

  • Abhishek S.
    03/23/2018 03:35

    Tumhari jada sone ki problem samajh aa gai. U r in wrong time zone.

  • Biswajit M.
    03/23/2018 03:44

    To cope up with a single time zone just change u r working hours and routine....for ex:If normal office time is from 10Am change it to 8Am.....SIMPLE

  • Yogendra K.
    03/23/2018 03:55

    This post like posted by Cambridge analytica

  • Aditya S.
    03/23/2018 03:58

    Misleading post, random clips shown to show a different narrative, there were different valid reasons to shift to single timezone after independence. I wonder who sponsors this BRUT organization

  • Mahesh P.
    03/23/2018 04:14

    Koi Hindi mein toh likho yaar kuch samajh nahi aa raha mere ko toh

  • Shruti R.
    03/23/2018 04:14


  • Jayant K.
    03/23/2018 04:21

    Waw dear very nice vdo old is gold dear...

  • Rupesh S.
    03/23/2018 04:33

    Worth sharing info

  • Rinku D.
    03/23/2018 05:11

    we are good with one time zone.. atleast that keeps us one... don't tell our politicians about multiple time zones... otherwise we may soon start to have Hindu Timezone.. Muslim Timezone...sikh timezone and so on....if we add on reservation to it (time zone) time will be left for common man in india.Please spare.