US Show About Ram Setu

An American TV show unveiling scientific research about a sacred bridge just made the BJP very happy.

20/12/2017 3:30 AM
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  • AAlok K.
    27/12/2017 06:24

    Mr Swamy comments 😝

  • आकाश म.
    23/12/2017 16:15

    J shri Ram⛳⛳

  • Yash B.
    23/12/2017 10:34

    The sad part is it should have made every indian happier not just the BJP cause this is an epitome of engineering but some haters are gonna hate it for no damn reason

  • Abhishek K.
    22/12/2017 16:59

    Why did the greatest epic of India, Ramayana end with Seeta's tragedy ? How did Ram, a God, listen to a Dhobi's talks and doubt his wife's character ? And why exactly was the Agni Pariksha conducted ? Well, The answer is a bit long. But let’s go about it in a logical way… What would an Ideal husband do when people raise their fingers against the character of his wife ? Obviously he would say to all the people, "I don't give a damn about what you think. She's my wife. I trust her and all those who have a problem with it, should just go to hell" But you see, Shree Ram was not just an ideal husband, he was also an ideal son, an ideal brother, an ideal friend and an ideal king. That is why he is also called "Maryada Purushottam". Let us understand this better. Vishnu, the caretaker of humanity, sits in Vaikuntha, his divine abode, and sees the entire world and whenever necessary, he comes down with a specific task. When he saw that Kshatriyas (the rulers) were taking advantage of their power, looting people's money and land, raping the wives and daughters of their subjects and causing Havoc on Earth, he decided to end the race completely. So he came down as ParshuRama and wiped off all the Kshatriyas from the face of Earth. But a state without a king was dysfunctional. It was too early for the idea of democracy to have emerged. Hence some of the Bramhins, Vaishyas and Shudras took up the job of ruling their respective states and thus, by definition, became Kshatriyas. But as soon as they sat on the throne, they became tempted to misuse their powers. Thus ParshuRam came out of his meditation, took his Parshu in his hand and cleaned the Earth of all the Kshatriyas, and went back to his meditative state. But again the cycle continued. This happened 21 times. Vishnu was hoping that some day, man will learn on his own, the duties and righteousness of a King and will rule benevolently, but man was too weak and naive to hold on to Truth for too long. So Vishnu decided to come down on this Earth again. This time, not to kill people but to teach them how an ideal King rules. And he also took up some minor tasks like killing Ravana and other Rakshasas, so that people could live peacefully. Because only in peace, can one learn and practice Dharma (Righteousness). So his real task started after killing Ravana. He had to inspire future kings and set a benchmark in the minds of all the Kshatriyas, so that they would know how a True king rules. But as soon as he became king, people started questioning the character of the queen. Shree Ram very well knew that his wife, who was herself an incarnation of Shree Lakshmi was the purest of the pure. There was no doubt in his mind. The Agni Pariksha was just to convince people of the truth, but people were too dumb to understand it, and also, truth does not propagate as much as rumors do… Ram realized that there was no way to convince the people about the truth. The concept of Righteousness was to be introduced to the Kshatriyas, for generations after generations to follow. (Before Rama, very few Kshatriyas had managed to scratch the surface of Dharma.) And if the people did not have faith in the King, they would not listen to him, and good governance would only be a dream. The purpose of his incarnation would remain unfulfilled, and after a while, due to lack of knowledge of Dharma, the Kshatriyas would once again start misusing their powers and Parshurama would have to kill countless Kshatriyas for the 22nd time. In order to avert a significant part of mankind from its doom, and for the betterment of humanity, Rama had to take one of the most difficult decisions in his life. He had to sacrifice the company of the person most beloved to him, just to shut the mouths of the ignorant fools in his kingdom, so that people could once and for all, focus on learning what Shree Rama was about to teach them, through his actions - Dharma. So it was not just Seeta's tragedy. But, both Rama and Seeta had to bear the pain of separation. He could have very well married another woman, and lived the royal life of a king, that every prince dreams of, but he chose to stay unmarried, and after Seeta's banishment, Ram always slept on the floor, as he had no desire to enjoy the royal benefits that his queen couldn't enjoy... Even Seeta could have fought for her rights or she could have raised her voice against the injustice and false accusations being raised against her. She could have asked for a proper hearing in the court, but instead she chose to silently bear the pain, as she exactly knew what was going on in Ram's mind while he was being forced to banish her. She did not want to make it any more difficult for him, and thus she left at once. Ram had to choose between being an ideal husband and fulfilling his purpose as the the caretaker of humanity. And he chose humanity over his "other half". This is the love that God has for us. In order to alleviate us from our ignorance, he gave up his wife, and a few thousand years later he gave up his son (Jesus) also, because he loves us. So was he successful in completing his task ? Well, even today when people want to express the idea of "good governance", they use the term "Ram Rajya". This says it all… Jai Shree Ram.

  • Sourabh P.
    22/12/2017 08:11

    Jai Shri RAM....

  • Tejusveer R.
    22/12/2017 03:14

    Don Zeno D Knight

  • Jerry F.
    21/12/2017 18:23

    Whatever may be.. Its under the world politics.. Poor needs fishing.. Big Fishes wanna Shipping

  • Mudassir B.
    21/12/2017 17:09

    Bro stop posting posts that are going to hurt religious sentiments, Hindus are fighting over the bridge and Muslims are falsifying it and its creating hatred

  • Omkar M.
    21/12/2017 08:27

    later that day I was babbling about this stuff.

  • Abhishek S.
    21/12/2017 08:20

    Jai shree ram

  • Saumendra D.
    21/12/2017 06:46

    Not only bjp all Hindus are happy that some scientists are doing research on Raam Setu .

  • Durgesh A.
    21/12/2017 05:42

    Change your page name to c*ut India. Coz, this is what you guys are..

  • Vinay S.
    21/12/2017 05:38

    Interesting Suwarna Akundi

  • Shaw R.
    21/12/2017 04:03

    जय श्री राम ।

  • விஜயசக்கரவர்த்தி
    21/12/2017 03:14

    If it is manmade then ancient Tamils should take all the credits for the marvellous engineering skills, not mythological Ram who never existed at all.

  • Jaskaran G.
    21/12/2017 02:59


  • Sp G.
    21/12/2017 02:56

    BJP fraudulent people will make others to do what they need in a period of time... Now they ll make this as their political agenda to cheat the people...

  • Rejesh B.
    21/12/2017 02:55

    Hahahaha this same show pappu and his fb page brut sad, hahahaha jali na jali jali jali laudey jali

  • Tapan V.
    21/12/2017 02:52


  • Subamanoj K.
    21/12/2017 02:48

    Poornima Anitha Sajeevan

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