Who needs fashion models when you have drones?

Saudi Arabia figured out how to model clothes without models. 🕋🤖

06/14/2018 5:31 AM
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  • Madhav M.
    06/14/2018 05:59

    Sirjana Magar 😂😂😂

  • Vikram A.
    06/14/2018 06:12


  • Joshua S.
    06/14/2018 06:22


  • Makrand C.
    06/14/2018 06:31

    😂 😂

  • Shanawaz A.
    06/14/2018 06:56

    Saudi's ne apni Maa behen ki izzat ko kayem Rakha hai. Wo aurtu ke haaook ke naam per aurti ki beizti nahi karte. India m yaha hazaru rape hote hain. Aap inko sambalo.

  • Puja N.
    06/14/2018 07:24


  • Rajesh K.
    06/14/2018 07:38

    This is great #women dont have to roam half naked

  • Tariq H.
    06/14/2018 08:02

    Fashion show without kanjar khaanna

  • Asad I.
    06/14/2018 08:48

    Ye sir jadeja har mamle me apni taang q adata hai?

  • Himanshu T.
    06/14/2018 08:51

    Fashion show without women is alright but i don't understand why they organize such event when there is no right to women to wear such type of clothes.

  • Umeed K.
    06/14/2018 09:02

    Fuk off u jadeja

  • Umeed K.
    06/14/2018 09:04

    Ye bhain ke lovde ku sir ka title kondiye re Hai kon re ye mayya ka lovda jadeja

  • Genesis L.
    06/14/2018 09:21

    Swinging a bunch of clothes in the air like maniac and calling it. '' figured out '' horrible seriously!! Even a toddler do it

  • Syed A.
    06/14/2018 10:12

    Did any noticed a Kaba in caption... It shouldn't be there... Just edit it rather delte this post

  • ناصر ف.
    06/14/2018 10:35

    Wellcome to India where after every one hour womens are getting rape and then also they are talking about womens rights and they are talking about other countries

  • Lunasha S.
    06/14/2018 10:50

    wait what i was getting shit scared

  • Steve A.
    06/14/2018 11:52

    They just don't want to show off otherwise what naked games go on there are known to those who have lived there

  • Ujjwal M.
    06/14/2018 12:21

    Or you know you can just show pictures or in case of a big event use a hologram. Or you know what is even better don't allow man to watch a woman because you know man watching women is a crime committed by women.

  • Kirti K.
    06/14/2018 12:22


  • Sarun K.
    06/14/2018 12:23