• Pradip S.
    04/07/2018 16:15

    End employment to end unemployment Workers of the world Untie for Socialism www.worldsocialistpartyindia.org

  • Prakash P.
    13/06/2018 23:08

    Because we r poor than other country

  • Aditya P.
    13/06/2018 15:41

    Islamic state of robots :p some people will turn them into jihadis as well

  • Arjun S.
    13/06/2018 10:28

    Well, if it is any satisfaction, we INDIANS lag behind the rest of he world by an entire generation on robotics. Even the Chinese beat us 68:3 robots per 10,000 employees. Koreans, of course have 631

  • ακαξΗ φ.
    13/06/2018 03:36


  • Vikram S.
    12/06/2018 14:43

    We have robots that can make robots...😂�va...Samjhi

  • Shreyas G.
    12/06/2018 06:01

    I will increse that percentage from 9 to 19 😎😎

  • Arjun S.
    11/06/2018 14:21

    Nice 👌

  • Gourav Z.
    11/06/2018 04:28

    Good, we can finally move to socialism.

  • Aditya K.
    11/06/2018 02:53

    If you are worried about automation stealing jobs then make universal basic income a reality.

  • Kumar R.
    10/06/2018 08:19

    Then we must reduce the world population accordingly.

  • Sohail K.
    09/06/2018 19:06

    yeah at that time handmade things will be more valuable 😂😂

  • Amit C.
    09/06/2018 18:26

    Guess people will die. Well who needs uneducated people in this era. Will solve the population problem. The kind of corruption in India ubi won't work

  • Mohith S.
    09/06/2018 18:06

    Wat if akl the technical work b done by machines ...and farming by humans

  • Urshlla K.
    09/06/2018 15:47

    This is exactly what I'm fearing for so longggggg !!!!!!!!! 😥😥😥😫😫😫 I don't want so much automation

  • Mitansh B.
    09/06/2018 07:33

    I fear that human zoo's would be formed by robots in upcoming future !!!!

  • Sanchari S.
    09/06/2018 04:56

    toniiiiiiiiiiii dkh

  • Sherin A.
    08/06/2018 16:42

    So that humans can switch to agriculture a lot more

  • Sherin A.
    08/06/2018 16:41

    It will be good

  • Arvind K.
    08/06/2018 06:56

    No way... robots can never make Hyderabadi Biryani...! ;) Looks like that is the safest job in future...!! :P

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