• Andrew M.
    05/31/2018 02:09

    Back to Basics. The Superior Animal is being encouraged to birth ten each when inferior ones naturally lower birth rates. Add 10% to your estimates to get real. 88% of the population with unsecured livelihoods under threat? Universal Basic Income to overcome struggle for livelihoods and educate themselves, drop population explosion and reject fanaticsm? Maximum wage limits?

  • HISIS -.
    05/31/2018 02:22

    I bet no robots can make pakodas though ! That is one safe job, besides being the brightest hope for the Indian economy.

  • Akshaya K.
    05/31/2018 03:45

    ab modi ke job create karne se bhi kuch nahi hoga

  • Naresh B.
    05/31/2018 04:13

    Good video brut

  • Mohit G.
    05/31/2018 05:18

    Thats nature's way of telling you to reproduce responsibly, choose govts wisely and upgrade your skills to keep up the pace of human evolution/technological enhancements or die starving without contributing anything to human society. Survival of the fittest is applicable to every field of work, be it bio, civil, defence, hospitality or evolution.

  • Siddharth V.
    05/31/2018 05:19

    it's like that new game. Detroit Become Human. We're bound to hate AI stealing our jobs.

  • Ashok J.
    05/31/2018 07:01

    Funny thing between a human and a robot is la virus, bring on your AIs from taking over human jobs, the hackers will do the rest and ensure humans are still the best when compared to the AIs.

  • विकास आ.
    05/31/2018 07:27

    Automation is India's future. Labour laws are out dated globally and precisely in India.

  • Gaurav D.
    05/31/2018 08:58

    Abundant energy + automation+ controlled population = abundant resources = no money value for goods and services and no human labour = spend time on your intrests and well being.

  • Satya B.
    05/31/2018 10:47


  • Gané
    05/31/2018 11:40

    9% of 1.4 billion is larger than 23% of 300 million. Besides US has 'minimum wage' and some sort of health care India needs to prepare Reduce the population Educate the reduced population Renewable energy to run the robots.

  • Mohit R.
    05/31/2018 11:50

    So we have two choices 1. We can have robot 2. We can decerese human population In both settings we still need to control human population

  • Amit K.
    05/31/2018 14:35

    Don't worry, they have engaged remote neural monitors with AI and energy weapons to take care of us.

  • Kshitij S.
    05/31/2018 15:53

    kuch dristi daaliye..

  • Hiren B.
    05/31/2018 16:03

    Thanos to the rescue! 😅

  • Ankit P.
    06/01/2018 03:58

    You have a time to join right concept of network marketing in indian company vestige

  • Udayshwer P.
    06/01/2018 06:40

    To what..machine need operator for getting commands and only human can operate them

  • Abhit K.
    06/01/2018 10:04

    Jo job nhi kar rhe vo yaha gyaan ch§d re hai🙂

  • Zohran S.
    06/01/2018 12:25

    . Nai bhai not possible.

  • Surjith A.
    06/01/2018 15:01

    JOBS R SAFE . bcuz LABOURS R VERY CHEAP THAN MACHINES in INDIA , do we need to relax ?