Indian Chess Player Pulls Out Of Tournament in Iran

Chess player Soumya Swaminathan said she wasn't willing to wear the headscarf mandatory in Iran.

15/06/2018 12:00 AM
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  • Nanjunda A.
    27/06/2018 02:17

    I salute your decision

  • Abbas A.
    26/06/2018 13:06


  • Sam F.
    26/06/2018 07:14

    will America will wear hijab😝😝😝😝

  • Sam K.
    26/06/2018 05:23


  • M K.
    26/06/2018 05:10

    When in Rome be like the Romans... Learn to embrace other's culture..

  • Kamalesh P.
    26/06/2018 05:04

    So many thanks to Soumya

  • Zain K.
    26/06/2018 05:02

    She is right. No one has the right to force her. She is going there for a game. But at the same time I have seen muslims entering the Gurdwara with friends and covering their head with their Handkerchief not out of force but out of respect of their culture. There are both ways to seeing it. Being an Indian she could have managed such a culture. No one diverse than Indians by birth. But its her call. Though she is not wrong .

  • Anand M.
    26/06/2018 04:55

    Good stand... I am with you madam... we proud of you... Bharat mata ki Jay

  • Bryan C.
    26/06/2018 04:23

    A real player has all the focus on a game and not on what they are going to wear, this one just trying to run away from the situation... I know of people who have faced thousand times more hardships to make it to a game and compete, what a waste of opportunity....

  • نزیر ع.
    26/06/2018 04:16

    time will come soon when every country, every religion respect the Iranian culture

  • Kapil I.
    26/06/2018 04:01

    They going for playing not for tour..

  • Altaf K.
    26/06/2018 03:54

    Kabhi koi farmer ka interview lelo.... Public ko ye sab news mai koi intrest nahi hai..

  • Tarik L.
    26/06/2018 03:47

    Bikini me khel B.C

  • Jawed A.
    26/06/2018 03:35

    Jaipur me Hijaab Hindu Muslim do Mahila pahanti h... Garmi me

  • Karan M.
    26/06/2018 03:22

    खेल पट्ठे

  • Sivaprakash B.
    26/06/2018 02:45

    We should follow our customs, not others....

  • Ashish S.
    26/06/2018 01:00

    These stone age countries are still living in 600 A.D .....Boycott all these shit countries

  • Abhishek C.
    25/06/2018 18:23

    लड़ाई लड़े पहचान बनाये रखे

  • Jigar D.
    25/06/2018 18:22

    this is like i eat shit you also eat because it's my country's national food... respecting others culture doesn't mean to follow it forcefully....even iranian women's are protesting against this thing

  • Rubul S.
    25/06/2018 17:57

    Modi se kaha naya kanoon laye

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