• Justqul Y.
    14/10/2020 09:44

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  • Sunil K.
    16/07/2020 05:30


  • Milli K.
    15/07/2020 02:43

    Well said

  • Bristi D.
    13/07/2020 15:06

    People not a fool nd where ur voice in present time ? We know that now who real or who is fake so shut on your mouth . Generally u don't raise your voice in SSR , Nd hello we not criticize his family , how funny u r ? 1 think u can understand it's a simple murder why his family silence . When Jiya khan was death her mom fight till now no one can stay with her side । But in SSR case everyone still stand with his side but his family pin drop silence. So 1 think u can say 2 us jiya khan's mom not suffer a pain , she is a real fighter not like a SSR family . Her sis saying she is like a mother of SSR but I think every mother fight for her childrens . Like our army shoulders mom . But in dis case his family members silence . His sis advocate and his brother in law is a police officer so why they are silent ? Everyone is involved in that case. So God will punish them 🙏🙏

  • Happy S.
    07/07/2020 22:43

    I love these both brothers very good player and real people’s

  • Shyam K.
    07/07/2020 16:26

    Someone got killed for being good actor and challenge to others You want people to remain silent Shame on u

  • Tanmoy D.
    07/07/2020 00:24

    Exactly insecurity pushes the voices back!

  • Gaurav S.
    06/07/2020 07:21

    Legend ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Ganita R.
    05/07/2020 06:41

    Well said

  • Chinmay M.
    04/07/2020 22:27

    Look who is talking. He abused all the Domestic cricket umpires throughout his career.

  • Pratiksha B.
    04/07/2020 18:48

    Correct this media getting bastard👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿media is culprit

  • Dhritiman R.
    02/07/2020 15:25

    Chutiya tu politics mein ja.

  • Rajan T.
    02/07/2020 04:41

    Very good

  • Ashis K.
    01/07/2020 18:56

    Aise media walon ko zoote... . . . Bhigaake zoote...

  • Ankur R.
    01/07/2020 16:14

    Very well said irfan , I totally agree with you

  • Aruna C.
    01/07/2020 14:05

    The main culprit is the media....the way every news is being portrayed....😥unfortunate

  • Mahesh G.
    01/07/2020 11:01

    Good speech

  • Rocky J.
    01/07/2020 03:15

    Well said irfan pathan but koi faida nahin hai bro tv main sirf ladane walla cheez yi dhikayenge

  • Mumtaz K.
    30/06/2020 01:28

    Well said

  • Tanisha P.
    29/06/2020 23:37

    Talks about our Indian Martyr soldiers not about Bollywood actor. user, please raise your voice for on PM portal And also file a petition for the same.🙏🙏

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