Kashmiri Girl Overcomes Life-Altering Injury To Play Basketball For India

She jumped off the second floor of a building fearing a threat from the police. But when she injured her legs in the accident, it was the Indian Army and the Jammu and Kashmir Police that sent her to a training camp and gave her a wheelchair. Today, she represents India in international wheelchair basketball. Meet Ishrat Akhtar.

20/09/2020 5:27 AM
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  • Brut India
    25/09/2020 09:58

    Ishrat thanked the Indian Army and the Jammu and Kashmir Police for sending her to a training camp for wheelchair basketball coaching:

  • Shweta A.
    24/09/2020 15:58

    For India? It should be for her country.

  • Raj S.
    23/09/2020 07:45

  • Adnan A.
    21/09/2020 16:45

    Truth is she got handcapped .unfortunately Basketball cant give her legs back . And alas story is inspiration for all pellet blinded , bullet wonded , physically tortured, mentally disturbed people of kashmir.

  • Shahid U.
    21/09/2020 12:14

    And the sad and important part of story is that she is another Victim of legitimised-Violence

  • Ovais A.
    21/09/2020 12:04

    The this the cost she has to pay for living under state sponsored terrorism, the only kind of terrorism that exists in kashmir.

  • Errphan W.
    21/09/2020 10:34

    Brutality in kashmir

  • DrFarooqui A.
    21/09/2020 08:20


  • Kaushal K.
    21/09/2020 07:22

    Great work mir

  • Mahesh K.
    21/09/2020 07:12

    Fuck you Pakistan for poisoning the minds of my Indian Muslims

  • Mussaib U.
    21/09/2020 06:54

    First point is to see basket ball is not more precious than health which police took away from her and more like her.....

  • Mohena A.
    21/09/2020 02:27

    Inspiration for every one who jus lose thier hopes

  • Sayeed S.
    21/09/2020 02:16

    Brut India, The reason he got handicapped, was because of Indian brave security forces, who chased her in her house and she jumped as a result of that. Even if you hide the facts, facts will unleash.

  • Ila M.
    21/09/2020 00:40

    Wishing you good health and success.

  • Basil D.
    20/09/2020 19:58

    Basil D Coutho Please watch and share

  • Wahedur R.
    20/09/2020 19:54

    Congratulations sister

  • Rajiv T.
    20/09/2020 19:54

    Sad to see Govt spoiling people's lives.

  • Faheem J.
    20/09/2020 19:30

    isse bhi mil lo ek baar

  • Md Y.
    20/09/2020 19:15

    So. Brave are real inspiration !!!!!dear Allah pak salamat rahkay ap

  • Nergish P.
    20/09/2020 19:05

    So brave keep going