Kohli-Shastri Rate Australia Win Greatest Ever

Is the Australian Test series win greater than India’s World Cup triumphs in 1983 and 2011? Coach Ravi Shastri and captain Virat Kohli seem to think so. 🏆

01/07/2019 2:48 PMupdated: 06/05/2019 10:06 AM
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  • Junaid N.
    01/07/2019 14:50

    They both are high on weed

  • Misbah A.
    01/07/2019 14:54

    Kab say start hai Kenya vs Pakistan is series ?

  • Junaid N.
    01/07/2019 14:55

    Maybe kholi said this so because that time (2011) he was young and don't know about the real emotion of winning world cup but Ravi Shastri he is really high on weed 😏

  • Atif A.
    01/07/2019 14:55

    For me this not a big achievement of india nowadays any team can beat aus in aus even windies this is the worst team of aus playing with unprofessional test squad after banning warner and smith

  • Viraj D.
    01/07/2019 14:55

    Highest Quality Weed

  • Rohit B.
    01/07/2019 14:56

    Give them a break. People bashing on ravi shastri and virat kohli for expressing themselves. They have won it, its their emotion. Kudos to the team. GREAT WIN.

  • Rabijit M.
    01/07/2019 14:56

    Mooh me goti aa gya kya BC?

  • Ranjeet S.
    01/07/2019 15:02

    Bhai dono pagal ho gaye h kya

  • Umair K.
    01/07/2019 15:02

    nothing is bigger than world cup, i know why coach and captain trying to portrait because at that they were not leading so, that's why this time they want to beat drum more harder to justify the importance of their positions..

  • Drsantoo B.
    01/07/2019 15:02

    Yes indeed it is "bigger" win but world cup 1983was "biggest " achievment of indian cricket team No doubt ..एक team को हराना और दुनिया कें सभी टीमों को हराना differnt ...(cheers for beating kangaroos )

  • Ranjeet S.
    01/07/2019 15:03

    Lekin bahut sahi kiya Australia ko usi ki jamin par harakr Bahut badi achievement h

  • Rithwik R.
    01/07/2019 15:05

    Virat was actually correct.... India won the wc after 28years and tht too in home... but this Australia series win came after 71 years.... I mean the first ever test series win in Australia with these young lads.... This will be his proudest moment without any doubt !!!

  • Ilyas S.
    01/07/2019 15:05

    Lets not get too excited. This is probably the worst Australian team in the last 3 decades!

  • Taqi A.
    01/07/2019 15:06

    Yes this series win is bigger than world cup bcoz when ever team India tour abroad everyone criticise them especially Australia they use to say India can't win series against them now team virat prove that they can beat any team in the world.

  • Suvam S.
    01/07/2019 15:07

    Satiya gaya hai buddha

  • Chitresh B.
    01/07/2019 15:07

    Neil Mundhra I can kind of understand Virat getting that emotion since he was a young and kind of a minor part of the 2011 team, so for him individually, it may be a bigger moment, but bigger than 2011 or fucking 1983 for Indian cricket? 😂

  • Suchandra G.
    01/07/2019 15:08

    Arrogance!! Victory ceases to be a virtue when maligned with chest thumping and nose humping, shameless self-praise 👎

  • লঘু ম.
    01/07/2019 15:09

    Absolutely rubbish!

  • Rajender P.
    01/07/2019 15:09

    Kudos to the team and particularly Ravi Shastri👍

  • Ishan D.
    01/07/2019 15:14

    Saurav had aggression but he wasn’t as stupid as these gentlemen..... This is where the famous 5 stood out from this pack..... Hell 83 was the birth of cricket in this nation of which they are byproducts.... And 2007 and 2011 made the current generation relive that happiness.... Although a great victory but remember Australia were at their lowest ebb(all due to their own cheating faults).... They beat us in our den in 2004 when we had our best out there.... So be humble in victory and don’t spoil a fan’s happiness..... And Gambhir was right... What the hell does this Shastri even know about winning barring an innings of World Series finals.... Virat playing down the 2011 win is pure absurd....Hell man your aggression is here because Dada laid the platform for that and the famous 5 built a villa of victory over it .... You idolize Sachin learn some humility..... Shastri this ain’t a competition of who was a better Indian side and don’t pollute the mindset of youngsters with such crap just to justify your place as a suck up coach.....Its Ok to respect the likes of Smith and Virat to be admired as superb players but personally they are a load of crap....