Meet Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

He is considered one of the three best football players on the planet. Will he lead the Brazilian team to a World Cup victory?

27/06/2018 5:30 AMupdated: 26/06/2019 3:05 PM
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  • Manas K.
    04/07/2018 04:30

    Wizatrix Shivansh

  • Somen D.
    04/07/2018 03:56

    One of the legend "Actors of Brazil"👑

  • Harsh V.
    04/07/2018 03:23

    Dushyant Singh

  • Biltu R.
    04/07/2018 02:57


  • Arup B.
    04/07/2018 02:38

    I love brazil... Neymar is the best...

  • Sumana D.
    04/07/2018 02:37

    In my opinion,the best football player in the world nd I hope this world cup will show you that.....💓💓❤❤🇧🇷

  • Sumana D.
    04/07/2018 02:26

    Lv u neymar......😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Er P.
    04/07/2018 02:12

    He escaped the car accident by diving.. 😂😂

  • Bøy L.
    04/07/2018 01:28

    Barzil super

  • Pratyush G.
    04/07/2018 01:19

    You are brut. He is a brat.

  • Jamal A.
    04/07/2018 00:22

    king of rolling !

  • Jara J.
    03/07/2018 21:40


  • Tongsin K.
    03/07/2018 19:51

    Please tell me when was the last world cup at Brazil or Africa... we are not dumb to ignore your mistakes message... please kindly look into it for the interest of people to view...

  • Sourav D.
    03/07/2018 18:04

    Seriously,a man who made this kind popularity at this age...really a legend of today and those who are criticizing him and giving smiliey emojis...actually they don't like football or watch football nowadays. just flowing with the wind you know..😂😆😉

  • சபரி
    03/07/2018 17:50

    stats shows that neymar rolls every 2min... which is the best record for any football player ever..... finished..... neymar is the true legend...😂😂😂

  • Uknir R.
    03/07/2018 17:44

    Neymar 😚

  • Sakshi B.
    03/07/2018 17:03

    I don't like him.

  • Soumik N.
    03/07/2018 16:57

    To the page admin: if you think this piece of shit and theatre artist is a Brazilian football legend, please stop posting videos on football because you people have no clue what it stands for 😠😠

  • ShiVam S.
    03/07/2018 16:52

    Why you diving so much🤔

  • Aman S.
    03/07/2018 16:48


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