Pakistan Plan For Cricket Series With India

Get so good that India can’t say no. That’s how Pakistan plans to get India to restore cricketing ties between the two countries. 🇮🇳🏏🇵🇰

02/14/2019 1:33 AM
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  • Sajid A.
    02/14/2019 01:36

    In 2012 Pak toured india

  • Sachin J.
    02/14/2019 01:43

    Pakistan not being good at cricket is not the reason why we don't allow them on our soil or go on their. The cause and effect is totally unconnected here. This is like taking a cough syrup to cure indigestion.

  • Prianshu G.
    02/14/2019 01:53

    Happy anniversary guys

  • Teja C.
    02/14/2019 01:57

    Pak came to India in December 2012

  • Debabrata D.
    02/14/2019 01:58

    Valentine's special

  • Vibhas S.
    02/14/2019 02:01

    Please move on... That's better than waiting 😂🤣

  • Abhineet D.
    02/14/2019 02:04

    If this guy is genuine (seems like he is) and he makes a stronger domestic system in Pakistan, I'm sure they'll be able to build a better cricket team like in the days of old. Wishing PCB all the best in this endeavor. Hope they build a corruption free domestic circuit which in turn builds a better, stronger and corruption free international team. That being said, I still think that the current Indian cricket team can take on any team in the world.

  • Hari P.
    02/14/2019 02:14

    Pehle apne country mein chhipe Terrorist outfits ko band karo. If you stop developing terrorists it would be a much greater job than developing cricket. Suit boot pehankar angrezi mein bhaashan dena aasan hai. Pakistan can only fund Terrorism, cricket ka funding toh door ki baat hai

  • Hare K.
    02/14/2019 02:29

    U wount carry sport's menship....U carry bomb in your heart...failure is your faith... enjoy spoiling humanety...we the great Hindustanees...juat belive in satya meeva jayathe..

  • Siddarth S.
    02/14/2019 02:39

    We have a pride and we stick to it . We don't want to play with you. And nice decision from our government and we are with our government #

  • Sawan K.
    02/14/2019 02:46

    Subha subha comedy

  • Rajesh K.
    02/14/2019 02:58

    Dear PCB, When your Country going to be stop terrorism... then think about cricket match..

  • Vigneshwar V.
    02/14/2019 02:59

    Dream on.....

  • Jai K.
    02/14/2019 02:59

    bhai do you think ever we will ask this Porkis ppl with us?

  • Mayank J.
    02/14/2019 03:27

    Pehle bheek to maang le baad mein Cricket khel liyo Indian Cricket Board se

  • Amit G.
    02/14/2019 03:27

    sensible and mature statement by Pakistan Cricket Board #PCB

  • Lalit J.
    02/14/2019 03:29

    Seems like they have at least got a person who can speak well and speak sensible.

  • Muzammil A.
    02/14/2019 03:39

    Nice guy

  • Afzal H.
    02/14/2019 03:40

    Pakistan team new english teacher 😃

  • Chinmay S.
    02/14/2019 03:47

    Rather than asking India to play game just ask terrorists to keep their activities shut from your country. And then talk about your 'pride'