• निशा न.
    05/08/2019 02:24

    u r doing such awesome work

  • Kathryn M.
    07/22/2018 03:41

    Good idea.

  • MøĦđ Ŵ.
    06/07/2018 15:50

    Mashallah nice nice pic

  • Manish K.
    05/19/2018 21:53


  • Bidisha G.
    05/19/2018 18:07

    korim etu.. korimeeiiiii

  • Sumit K.
    05/19/2018 14:53

    Miton : Theres a huge potential for this in India😂😂

  • Rahul S.
    05/19/2018 14:33

    There are not enough dustbins even in Delhi. Where will you take the garbage. Your home?🤔

  • Yatin K.
    05/19/2018 13:41

    nice work na??

  • T W.
    05/19/2018 12:23

    Very shameful we are, other people came here to initiate, we have only habit of throwing rather than picking up,

  • Veeresh W.
    05/19/2018 11:54


  • Umasivabalan
    05/19/2018 07:56

    Good at least to some level it cleans the place and some people may learn not to litter the place

  • Jashim S.
    05/19/2018 06:29


  • Prianka D.
    05/19/2018 06:20

    Citizen of Surat actually cant do it because of shame which is SMC is constantly making efforts to keep the city clean all night long..

  • Jitendra S.
    05/19/2018 05:59

    Great work

  • Rinku Z.
    05/19/2018 04:28


  • Vishnu R.
    05/19/2018 04:26

    Idea for our town 🤔iia

  • Harjeet S.
    05/19/2018 03:10

    Nice thinking

  • Chetan K.
    05/19/2018 02:16

    angreej dekh ye kya kar rhe h koi inhe batao humaare desh mien garbage uthaane waalo ko kabadi khete h hence these are not ploggers but kabadiwalas 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹Ye to whi baat ho gayi ki poha ko agar english mien bole to (flattened rice seeds ,with exotic spices and garnish with parsley leaves) poha english mein bolne se badal thoid jaayega rhega to poha h i isliye rheinge to ye bhi kabadiwaale hi 😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • Rohit K.
    05/19/2018 02:10

    Pankaj Gautam

  • Ramanji L.
    05/19/2018 01:00

    This is a great work for society. Every human being are participated in that work then India grow up became a great country in the world. So I requesting please participate only two hours for Week. Then India will developed. I love my india