Ravi Shastri: The Journey Of A Player To A Coach

A left-arm spin bowler who soon transformed into an all-rounder. He went on to become Champion of Champions. This is the story of the coach of the Indian men's cricket team.

22/01/2021 3:27 PM
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  • Priyankar P.
    05/10/2021 07:25

    Good commentator good coach but not a good player except some innings

  • Rock K.
    13/07/2021 04:21

    Get lost for the team motherchod destroy indian team dravid the best coach ever

  • Naveen K.
    20/04/2021 13:01

    Devudu ra anna tagubothu antarra Meru

  • Anil K.
    25/02/2021 06:41

    Ovverrated self proclaim shameless coach!

  • Amudhan S.
    17/02/2021 12:12

    Utterly overrated player,Coach, commentator...

  • Nagaraja R.
    29/01/2021 10:17

    Through him out from the post of head coach, he doesn't deserve it,he played for himself never for country, like all MUMBAI players, INDIAN TEAM PERFORMANCE WAS BCOZ OF PLAYERS POTENTIAL AND DETERMINATION, JUST TAKE HIM OUT ,INDIAN TEAM PERFORMANCE WILL BE FOR BETTER THAN WHAT IT IS TODAY.

  • Ajay S.
    28/01/2021 07:26

    Absolutely useless ODI player.. his super slow strike rate caused 2 crucial losses in World Cup 1992, which eventually ended India’s chances of qualifying for knockouts

  • Tamilnesan A.
    27/01/2021 20:05

    Useless player in this world

  • Nagendra P.
    26/01/2021 07:04

    The beer man

  • Mumtaz A.
    25/01/2021 17:40

    Tremendous performer at all levels..

  • Nafis P.
    25/01/2021 12:55

    Fail artist sala

  • Amitabh S.
    25/01/2021 01:41

    Chutiya sala

  • Moizuddin M.
    24/01/2021 17:07

    Brut India. Are you doing sasta nasha ?

  • Ashfaq K.
    24/01/2021 09:22

    He is not a good cricketer at all in any department but may b good and successful coach for team India bcoz of his luck

  • Afil J.
    24/01/2021 05:14

    Luckily all players are performing well... he is an utter waste...

  • वाणी व.
    24/01/2021 05:00

    He was a damn selfish player who only aim to score his idiotic unending centuries 100 rung , and in the process you would get every other player out and he will be the last one standing till the end of the game and yet India would lose the game , he and his selfish centuries. he was known to make the game Dead boring with his endless defences when he would come on the field as a batsman the game would good dead because of his endless defences ....most bearing player and she thought himself to be very handsome and yes he had also gone to propose Gabriela sabatini a well-known beautiful female lawn tennis player and the tragedy was that she feels too even recognise him🤣🤣🤣

  • Bharat K.
    23/01/2021 23:58

    This guy is a shameless bench warmer who is taking the credit for Rahul Dravids hard work and effort

  • Anish M.
    23/01/2021 23:48

    Was a kid when Shastri played, but even then I abused him for wasting so many balls as a batsman, seemed extremely selfish

  • Raja N.
    23/01/2021 23:07


  • Jeevan M.
    23/01/2021 12:53

    When is the movie coming out?

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