Sunil Gavaskar On How Much Cricket Has Changed

“I can't see any overt weakness in this Indian team.” But how strong was the team that he played for? Here’s Sunil Gavaskar comparing the generational shift in the gentleman’s game. He also turned 71 today. Thanks to for the footage!

10/07/2020 9:57 AM
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  • Pawan C.
    11/03/2021 16:59

    I beg to differ with Gavaskar sir on lower order batsmen not getting out as they are not able to meet the ball compared to a proper batsman. This argument would have been true if the lower order hadn't scored runs against our bowling. I believe it's the relaxed mindset of our bowlers which causes such a situation more often than not.

  • K N.
    10/03/2021 07:38

    Chutiya number one... N

  • Ashok D.
    10/03/2021 06:58

    Wow. As ever to the point.

  • Jadyn P.
    10/03/2021 04:48

    As much great a player Gavaskar sir , his commentary career has made him a biased hypocrite that no cricket fan would love to listen to

  • Sudip D.
    10/03/2021 04:10

    the smartest cricketer in the history of the game and how wonderfully he accepts the new days in the game

  • Salim D.
    10/03/2021 03:12

    He declared the innings when mohammed azharuddin where playing on 199 😱😱

  • Murtuza M.
    09/03/2021 22:43

    Love from Dallas Texas

  • Jethalal B.
    09/03/2021 15:27

    Cricket is money game now . Power has took over the glory of the game.

  • Shampa B.
    09/03/2021 11:56


  • Sreerama M.
    09/03/2021 10:34

    Why that same blood 🩸 didn’t flow in Rohan Selfish playing without game spirit Playing for personnel records Roy fredrereck and Gordon impeccable

  • Natarajan B.
    09/03/2021 05:11

    For such a huge star that the game of cricket has seen, it makes me feel sad to refer to Gavaskar as "former cricketer". Cricket is in his blood even as he ages. I grew up keenly hearing Gavaskar's great acheivements over the radio. It is as though he was, and still is, a part of most households in India. The best opening bat Test Cricket has ever seen.

  • Abdul H.
    09/03/2021 05:10

    The senior pro players should be more emphasising on gentlemen ship to be retained on higher priority which is the need of hour with the entertainment content.... And the tail end batters are better than old era and it's difficult to find out thier weakened of them.... As you said in this talk there was no so much sledging because of games gentlemenship part missing in eager to be victorious...

  • Melwyn C.
    08/03/2021 18:12

    The most wonderful players are Sandeep Madhusudan Patil, Chetan Pratap Singh Chetan Chauhan, VengsarkarDilip Vengsarkar, Kapil Devand Sandip Patil was playing for India for India.. Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar both wanted create records only for their name and not for India.

  • Basudev M.
    08/03/2021 17:54

    Greatest cricketer and my favourite cricketer

  • Melwyn C.
    08/03/2021 17:51

    Why Rohit, And what MSD why don't you praise him why

  • Qazi I.
    08/03/2021 16:25

    What a great cricket legend! 😎👍

  • Nayan P.
    08/03/2021 15:46

    I don't know why but Gavaskar is my favourite rather than tendulkar

  • Kum J.
    08/03/2021 12:37

    He is the most selfish and unsportsmanlike cricketer I have ever had the displeasure to watch play in my whole life.

  • ꯄꯜꯂꯥꯟꯕ ꯃ.
    08/03/2021 12:23

    Let's focus on other sports like Hockey , Football , wrestling , swimming etc that we can take more gold medals in Olympic's .

  • Ashar H.
    08/03/2021 11:34

    Badshah of tuk-tuk lol 😆 ; because of him so many matches we lost or test matches drawn without any results. Very selfish player of all times. He destroyed all the good work of Ajit Wadekar sir

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