The Commentator Who Brings Emotion To Cricket

He is one of cricket's most recognisable voices. As Harsha Bhogle turns 60 today, listen to his humble beginnings and how he deals with controversies. Thanks to The Final Word Cricket Podcast for the footage.

19/07/2021 5:27 AM
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  • Rafi H.
    3 days

    He is the VOICE of Cricket!! Thanks for making Cricket EMOTIONAL to us..

  • R R.
    4 days

    One of the best commentators in the history of cricket.

  • Dre D.
    23/12/2021 23:51

    This is elite

  • Junaid K.
    17/12/2021 20:55

    harasha bhogle one of the best

  • Ramesh D.
    07/12/2021 17:15

    Sadly India is not about stories any more, its more about you won or lost!!!!!

  • MD S.
    04/12/2021 12:33

    Adorable man😍😍😍👍💯😘

  • Zia U.
    25/11/2021 11:35

    My favrte harsha the great

  • Nitin M.
    23/11/2021 16:26

    Once upon a time his commentary was good. Over the years I don't know if he realizes or not he laughs and does commentary I wonder why cant he speak like the one in the video now without laughing often being corrected by the co-commentator who played the game. Anyways Indians suffer from celebrity worship syndrome. Once they like something they cant be critical anymore and continue with the worship. His views are like that of pharmacist but not a surgeon who has real experience.

  • Qadeer A.
    22/11/2021 17:29

    One of the best commentators, unbiased & a genuine guy who loves cricket appreciates great cricket irrespective who the player is or which country he’s from. Talks lot of common sense, very articulate. Long May he continue.

  • Ali R.
    22/11/2021 02:50

    Great commentator kind human being

  • Nonie P.
    20/11/2021 19:28

    I like him. He is a good commentator.

  • Rishab M.
    19/11/2021 21:43

    Best commentator alongside Danny Morrison

  • Muhammad A.
    19/11/2021 17:10

    Never ever listen such a enthusiastic, emotional, and biased commentator in my life so far.

  • Sai R.
    19/11/2021 04:15

    Ufff Harsha! There is no one like you 😍

  • Umer M.
    17/11/2021 19:20

    Great commentator

  • Asif M.
    17/11/2021 11:21

    A true and honest speaker..

  • Muhammad K.
    16/11/2021 13:59

    one of the Great voice from the world of Cricket and my very own favourite as well

  • Pankaj P.
    16/11/2021 12:18

    One of the best commentator in world cricket.

  • Zahoor A.
    15/11/2021 15:53

    Yes I luv his commentary

  • Sanjeevan P.
    15/11/2021 09:29

    hya legendary mansachya against *kahi lokanni* case karun ban kelela hyala if you remember

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