• Biniyam A.
    23/06/2018 07:22

    zizu best

  • Dipumohanan V.
    23/06/2018 01:47

    Tactful game maker with magical skills

  • Aamir S.
    22/06/2018 18:53

    Great player of international football Zidane

  • Jitendra N.
    22/06/2018 17:50

    We will never forget the goal u hit by ur head in the worldcup

  • Vincent S.
    22/06/2018 17:29

    - Your favourite. 😂

  • Rehan I.
    22/06/2018 13:30

    I love his playing skills, game set up, n his dedication to world's no. 1game named football.... In my ranking zidane is no. 1....that's why my son's name is Zidane.

  • Adv N.
    22/06/2018 12:47

    Zidan zidani love u

  • Rajesh S.
    22/06/2018 06:07

    Zidane is a best player of his time

  • Graham M.
    22/06/2018 05:02

    This man's the real deal. 🌻

  • Taslim A.
    21/06/2018 18:34

    He is tremendous footballer and a very nice man

  • Sanjay P.
    21/06/2018 15:00

    One of My favourite sports hero Zidane he was best

  • Shahid A.
    21/06/2018 08:10

    Real hero

  • Hasan R.
    21/06/2018 07:46

    I hate your name YAZID and who kept your name YAZID I hated them also. And sorry you are out of my list. Your are great footballer. But your name YAZID. I don't take you

  • Pranay R.
    20/06/2018 15:43

    One of my favorite.... Zidane

  • Toufeeq P.
    20/06/2018 11:12

    Father of foot ball Legendary player...

  • Arnab G.
    20/06/2018 06:01

    One of the most cerebral player in the football world.

  • Nishant B.
    20/06/2018 03:58

    Ganesh Anantharaman sir

  • Lalhmaa C.
    20/06/2018 03:50

    2:30-2:48... fucking indians... ruining everything 😂😂😂

  • Ahmed F.
    19/06/2018 19:38

    Zizouuu...the magical midfielder. It ws a treat to see u play..my fav...love U 💚

  • Shasak C.
    19/06/2018 17:03

    Legend🙏. Its a shame he left Real madrid. He loves real more then anything.. I don't know why he had to leave may be because of that shit head Perez, now he wants a replacement for Cr7, we won the 3rd straight champions league with this team. I don't see the point in changing the team.