When PM Modi Comforted The Women’s Hockey Team

Emotions ran high when Indian women's hockey captain Rani Rampal and her team got a call from PM Modi...

06/08/2021 2:57 PM
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  • Rassi M.
    02/11/2021 20:24

    An amazing scene can be seen at a sudden.

  • Abdur R.
    19/08/2021 10:56

    Such an actor... He is the supreme leader of RSS a Nazi inspired fascist group. He killed thousands in Gujarat and was banned by the US and UK. He killed thousands with pellet guns and blinded many and then usurped their lands and started demographic terrorism. Be he is dearer to the West ...

  • Pratik R.
    10/08/2021 17:04

    Gold next time for sure. Keep playing fearlessly 🙏

  • Gur K.
    10/08/2021 14:16

    kine biscuit dite modi ne?

  • Manvi B.
    10/08/2021 12:47

    Proud of you ❤️ girls and Modiji 🙏

  • Nikhini M.
    10/08/2021 12:18

    I don't like the man too much, however I have to respect him for such an awesome and inspirational touch. Feeling emotional ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Aamir M.
    09/08/2021 22:53

    Creditjeevi chicha

  • AK P.
    09/08/2021 21:52

    I always wonder who these shameless creatures are who always put laugh emoji's in these emotional videos

  • Doyor D.
    09/08/2021 16:17

    sir nahi chai wala desh mai bej ne kay liye kya2 hai pucho

  • M B.
    09/08/2021 14:49

    Good acting modi

  • Mohammed A.
    09/08/2021 13:52


  • Nitya R.
    09/08/2021 13:18

    Indians are definitely talented in many streams but they need proper training and coaching and diet to pursue their dreams, which somewhere is missing due to corruption and ignorance. This boost on the call should be before the match. Anyway we will always be proud of our team and we must never forget that :" the true spirit of the game is to participate not to win or loose"... Cheers my fellows Indians, good kuch next time.!!

  • LoveLeen K.
    09/08/2021 12:09

    Ye bhi camera ke aage ? Koi press conference bhi karo modi saab

  • Salman K.
    09/08/2021 10:43

    What is huki?

  • Mujtaba Q.
    09/08/2021 10:42

    Haha they are crying bcz they are hungry like indian army

  • Sumit H.
    09/08/2021 04:53

    Good. Now put your photo on the back of their hard earned medals.

  • Syed M.
    09/08/2021 04:06

    Sport also became victim of dirty politics....... Our Leaders don't want to do anything themselves, but want full credit of others hard work...... SAVE INDIA.......

  • Md A.
    09/08/2021 01:59

    Where is the camera📷 man.......

  • Waseem K.
    08/08/2021 20:29

    Who's the Goraa?

  • Upendra P.
    08/08/2021 19:37

    This encouragement should have been before the event took place

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