When Rahul Dravid Trolled Rajdeep Sardesai

Want more of “Indira Nagar Ka Gunda”? Watch Rahul Dravid’s fun trolling of Rajdeep Sardesai at the Bangalore Literature Festival in 2017. Thanks to Bangalore Literature Festival for the footage.

13/04/2021 5:42 PM
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  • Share T.
    a day

    What's bothering you djoni staying in team it's not the age you mangoose it's his performance.. understand performance.. I just saw it..

  • Manjul B.
    a day

    Born to be troll .when hi was born the doctor said congrats you have a troll

  • Preetam P.
    a day

    Time for u to retire Mr Rajdeep, why the hell u dont

  • Raju U.
    2 days

    This is a very mature response and very frank

  • Projjal M.
    2 days

    The wall took him down in just 5 mins

  • Chirag G.
    2 days

    One of the humblest sportpersons of all the times and places i guess...👍

  • Jay M.
    3 days

    Mohanty Kshitish

  • Sunil D.
    3 days

    Superb answer 👏👏👌👌

  • Venkata P.
    3 days

    The gentleman of cricket in savage mode !!!!

  • Krishanu M.
    3 days

    This bloody rajdeep must retire from all the activities as he has gone mad and should visit a good doctor for mental treatment

  • Rohit R.
    3 days

    Howcome Sardesai is so reliably and consistently full of s*** ?? If he were a horse, I'd ALWAYS bet on him. Don't have to worry about surprises. And Dravid, R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

  • Prasenjit P.
    3 days

    This sardesai is a chuthia

  • Rahul W.
    4 days

    Why the hell Rajdeep always wants to take " Udta teer in his.. A**"🤷

  • Syed M.
    4 days

    Rahul Dravid is one of those players who have zero haters. Respect from Pakistan 🙌

  • Humayun J.
    4 days

    a sense of sharp, deadly humour! 😂

  • Shekhar A.
    4 days

    Rajdip harami chutiya

  • Jagdish G.
    4 days


  • Ahsan A.
    5 days

    He is Misbah ul Haq of India though he got brilliant sense of humor which Misbah will never have..

  • Swaramita C.
    6 days

    He has such a great sense of humour. Loved it

  • Ashok R.
    6 days

    Perfect Drive, he can even defend the mediocre journo..