Justin Bieber slams H&M’s ‘trash’ new merch line

H&M has halted all sales of Justin Bieber merchandise after the singer called it “trash.” "The H&M merch they made of me is trash and I don't approve it”, said the singer.

"I wouldn’t buy it if I were you"

Justin Bieber has called out H&M for selling “trash” merchandise featuring his name and likeness. "The H&M merch they made of me is trash and I didn't approve it," Bieber posted on his Instagram stories earlier this week. "I wouldn’t buy it if I were you," he told his followers.
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The fashion retailer was offering an array of hoodies, t-shirts, and sweatshirts with pictures of the singer and lyrics from his 2021 album, “Justice.” Following his post, the retailer, who also sold items featuring Bieber in 2017, took down the collection and issued a statement.
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"As with all other licensed products and partnerships, H&M followed proper approval procedures. But out of respect for the collaboration and Justin Bieber, we have removed the garments from our stores and online."
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