Tarte’s Dubai influencer trip

Tarte Cosmetics’ latest influencer trip to Dubai has people questioning its level of excess, but we need to talk about how the company justifies these lavish excursions.

Who went on Tarte Dubai trip ?

Tarte recently flew a group of influencers first-class on Emirates to the Four Seasons in Dubai for a multi-day trip in celebration of their new foundation. Some of the Tiktok’s most popular influencers were among the participants : Alix Earle, the Mian Twins, Meredith Duxbury, Monet McMichael. But this isn’t anything new for the company. 

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Since 2015, Tarte has sent beauty editors and influencers around the world, from Costa Rica to Bora Bora. Travel, room, and board is covered by the company for influencers and a plus-one, who aren’t paid to attend the trip nor required to post, but many do. “We wanted a way for creators to be able to interact with our products, our team and [Tarte’s CEO] Maureen in a more meaningful way,” said Samantha Kitain, Tarte’s CMO. “We’ve always relied on influential people to drive awareness.” 

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Some social media users have estimated the total cost for the Dubai trip, which totaled in the hundreds of thousands per influencer. However, given the rate many influencers charge for one-off sponsored posts, brands have found that these trips can often be an equal investment or even cost less. Tarte has never disclosed if they see a spike in sales based on the trips, but they do stress the high value of the resulting user-generated content and relationships built.

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