Do quarantines work?

The world is in the midst of an outbreak from the Wuhan region. Here's a closer look at quarantines as a precautionary method.

Empty streets, masked residents, transportation at a standstill and temperature scans. This is life now for Wuhan residents under quarantine

The U.S., Australia, France and the U.K. have all announced plans to quarantine their citizens returning from the Wuhan region. In 2014, during the Ebola epidemic, an attempt to cordon off West Point, a neighborhood of Liberia’s capital, resulted in clashes and evasions.

Before enforcing quarantine, there are other options

“You can encourage people to voluntarily cancel social gatherings, for example, you can have people close schools, you could have them cancel sporting events, cancel grades. You can you can ask people not to travel if they if they don't, if they don't and if it's not essential that they travel. There are lots of things you can do short of actually issuing a quarantine order. The size of the quarantine going on in China right now is basically unprecedented. This is something that is bigger than many countries population, and it is something that is really unusual to see happening. You want to only use it when it's a last resort because of all the negative repercussions, because isolating geographic areas like that under a quarantine can really make things very difficult in an outbreak zone, because not only do you make it hard for people to leave, you also make it hard to get resources in”, says Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease physician.

Infectious diseases spread from person to person

According to the CDC, the word quarantine emerged during the 14th century Black Death plague epidemic. It stems from the Italian from the Italian ‘quaranta giorni’ meaning ‘forty days’. In 2018, the top White House official responsible for leading the U.S. response in the case of a deadly pandemic left the Trump administration. The position still has not been filled. The United States’ quarantinable diseases are listed in an Executive Order of the President. They include cholera, diphtheria, infectious tuberculosis, plague, smallpox, yellow fever, viral hemorrhagic fevers and severe acute respiratory syndromes.


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  • Kim P.
    02/24/2020 06:55

    Wuhan is bad luck

  • Sahena S.
    02/21/2020 10:23

    It's not a seasonal virus which will end as season changed so better everyone prepare for the worst.

  • Ishita N.
    02/20/2020 17:39

    see this

  • Robby S.
    02/19/2020 08:39

  • Guadalupe M.
    02/14/2020 21:02

    Cristo viene !!

  • Robby S.
    02/13/2020 02:28

  • Robby S.
    02/10/2020 18:00

  • Harinder S.
    02/07/2020 05:20

    Nothing unusual about it

  • Kamal D.
    02/02/2020 21:24

    It's a BIO war ...

  • Dilli S.
    02/02/2020 12:36

    If not to quarantine them what you can do? Leave them everywhere? I salute China that he manage to keep his people quarantine and people are do their best to stay cool and understand difficulty. It’s not the time that party or outing ok.

  • Aman K.
    02/02/2020 09:12

    This show's how vulnerable one can be even though you claim to be a super power trying to forcefully take over the world. But they forget that there is one divine super power whose in control of the entire universe.

  • Ijeoma N.
    02/02/2020 04:36

    This is like a horror movie

  • Razia M.
    02/01/2020 18:02

    May Allah helps to speedy recover from this disease.... May Allah protect us from every evil

  • Jahangir A.
    02/01/2020 16:24

    Must be change the Chinese food list, Allah's wrath for the Chinese

  • Ted S.
    02/01/2020 03:43

    China Disturbed Down With The Sickness

  • Brut India
    01/31/2020 09:32

    A special evacuation flight with doctors and paramedics will carry Indians from China today. Read about the safety arrangements on this flight:

  • Abdiwali S.
    01/31/2020 07:50

    They planned ,allah planned and the best planner is allah. they kept in cell 1million innocent muslim and now 35 million chinese can not travel👊👊👊👊

  • Varsha V.
    01/31/2020 07:32

    Very informative video. May God help to recover China soon from this situation.

  • Idy A.
    01/31/2020 02:39

  • Kathy H.
    01/31/2020 00:55

    Quarantine is not a new nor concerning event, as a child our family was quarantined for rheumatic fever and then again for hard measles. It made good sense.

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