What are super-spreaders?

They may not have experienced any symptoms yet, but they're quickly spreading the coronavirus more than others. Here, a doctor explains more about so-called super-spreaders.

Not a superpower

Some sick individuals, called super-spreaders, transmit infections to far more people than others. Even if the symptoms are not visible in the super-spreader, they are still able to spread the virus as it is still contagious. With the COV-19 outbreak spreading worldwide, there have been super-spreaders detected including a British man who passed the virus to at least eleven people after arriving home from Singapore. The average individual spreads the virus to two or three people. Officials measure the transmission of infection by looking at the “reproduction number” also known as an “R0.”

“The important thing about the R0 is that it's not a fixed number. So even though the R0 for this COVID-19 coronavirus is between two and three at the moment, with public health measures, isolation, one-day treatment, one-day vaccines, the R0 number will come down. And when it comes down to below 1, it will stop this uncontrolled spread. So yes, you can change it. And that's what we need to do. It's just a question of contact-tracing. Once again, Find who the people are who are spreading the virus and isolate them. If you isolate people, they can't spread it and that's how you contain it eventually,” Dr. Adrian Hyzler, Chief Medical Officer of Healix International reports to Brut.

How to avoid spreading Coronavirus

Since reports have determined that a coronavirus vaccine will not be perfected for another year or year and a half, it is best to start looking into at-home prevention methods. Health professionals are asking citizens to stop buying medical masks as they are often worn improperly, and tend to be more effective for those with the virus rather than those trying to avoid getting sick. Other known prevention methods include rigorously and frequently washing hands, using hand sanitizer if soap is unavailable, disinfecting any and all surfaces, and preparing medicine and food supplies in case of infection.