Coronavirus: 5 things to know

How deadly is the new coronavirus? And can it be stopped? Here's what we know (and don't know) about the outbreak.

What is the origin of the virus?

"We don't know the origin of this novel coronavirus. We know it appeared. It was first discovered actually in Wuhan around the end of December. However, it likely was spreading before that for some period of time, maybe weeks or or a month, because the first case that was reported did not have any contact with this animal market. We know that corona viruses are adept at jumping from other animal species into humans and that there's a large selection of corona viruses that naturally circulate in bats. So, we'll probably find that the ultimate origin of this virus is from bats. But it may have used an intermediate animal that could be present in some of the wet markets in China that allowed it to get into that facilitated its jump into humans. But we don't quite know the origin of this virus yet."

How does it spread?

"It is spreading between human to human through what's called the respiratory droplet route, which means the droplets of mucus that emanate from your body after you cough, or you sneeze. Those are big droplets that usually don't travel more than six feet before being pulled to the ground by gravity."

What's the incubation time?

"It looks like the incubation period is probably around six days, although it can extend maybe up to two weeks and there's a little bit of debate about that. And that's also another open question that we're trying to find an answer to, to understand what the incubation period is."

How severe is this virus?

"That's another open question, we really don't have a good idea on severity, we're starting to get some indications of severity, but it's really important to understand that there's going to be a lot more mild cases and severe cases because corona viruses cause a spectrum of illness and some people may have a very mild cold, common cold like illness and some people may be deathly ill with pneumonia. We really need to understand where this corona virus fits on that spectrum. Is it more likely to cause mild illness or like some of the community circulating corona viruses that causes about a quarter of the common cold every year? Or is it more like SARS which have a really greater capacity to cause deadly disease? And that's something that we're starting to find out. And I think as we as more data comes out, it's looking more like this is an intermediate virus that's not quite as deadly as SARS or XXX, but it is more deadly than our community acquired corona viruses."

What’s the treatment?

“There's no specific treatment for a corona virus. So those that require hospitalization may need supplemental oxygen. They may need intravenous fluids. They may need breathing support through mechanical ventilator. But there is no antiviral medication that you can give a person with a corona virus yet, although there are some that are being tried in clinical trials right now”, Dr. Amesh Adalja - Infectious disease physician concludes.


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    This doctor , he can't keep his eyes open properly. Working to many hours? A lot of stress.

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    04/05/2020 06:09

    It's a good fictional theory. Though it's evident that COVID-19 was developed by the Chinese government in their laboratory. Why The Chinese doctor who first recognised COVID-19 as a new strain of virus was taken into custody and the government filed a FIR against him for spreading rumours? What happened to the two journalists who were covering the report of COVID-19 spread? How did they go missing? Why only the people of Wuhan got infected? How did they recover so fast? Why didn't Beijing or Hongkong or other parts of China didn't get infected? It's evident that this particular virus (COVID-19) was developed by China as a biological weapon and they already have the antidote/vaccine for it.

  • Elias C.
    04/05/2020 02:54

    You have no real information. All your statistics is regurgitated propaganda 👎

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    This video actually gave no useful info 😟

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    Chinese virus

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    It got leaked from the is jst an excuse

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    stop blaming Chinese for everything

  • Athul A.
    03/22/2020 04:31

    Im sorry say what?! I used to the think the first contamination began from the wet market, if the first case has no relation to the wet market why can't we suspect a possible safety breach of this virus from the VIROLOGY INSTITUTE IN WUHAN. Let's be honest people have been eating these all this while and it never appeared at all either. We are all just kept it in the dark and a bunch of politicians get to play with our lives.

  • Abu A.
    03/21/2020 23:10

    Chinise need to stop eating live animals, ffs

  • Mariko E.
    03/21/2020 19:35

    So why can’t kill tis bats immediately - why why - if tis comes fm bats - kill them all n to stop spreading further

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    Here is the market and patient number one got it from there .. If you view the video it will explain what kind of filthy cruel savages the Chinese are who ignore this kind evil trade in animals from cats dogs and exotic animals from the wild

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    Spoken with much clarity. Thanks.

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    This is how you can avoid falling prey to fake news about coronavirus:

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    THEY HAVE VIDIO coverages of the wet markets chopping up live bats wings first , really what the hell are you trying to say !!!!