Learning to cope with coronavirus

Meanwhile, people around the world are learning to cope with coronavirus... from a distance.

Wondering what you can do in Quarantine?

In Italy at the moment, life is different to say the least. The country has been consumed with coronavirus and has the second largest number of cases and deaths behind China. The only establishments left open are supermarkets and pharmacies so that the necessities are still available for purchase. But other than that, the country is on lock down in order to prevent the virus from continuing to spread. With everything closed, one might be wondering how people are passing their time.

The new dancefloor is your balcony

In the midst of quarantine, people are trying to stay positive and have turned to dancing on their balconies to pass the time. One Italian DJ explains, “A little half an hour of music and then we’ll go to bed. Here the balconies will be our audience.” People are gathering on their balconies around Italy to listen to music and dance all together. “We're keeping each other company this Saturday, it's the first Saturday of the quarantine. Let's move our bodies, and clap our hands.”, one DJ announced to his audience.

Singing and dancing in South Africa

In South Africa, they are also dancing to pass the time, but their dancing is accompanied by singing. They are not just singing any song either. They are singing about tips and techniques to stay healthy and spread positivity during such an uncertain time. One choir in particular reminds people to “wash your hands”, “don’t touch your face”, and “don’t spread rumors”.

Meanwhile in Spain

Healthcare workers take a moment to thank the public for all the support they have received in light of the coronavirus outbreak. Some medical professionals in particular shared a video of themselves holding up signs that read, “Applauding us from your windows has been very moving. Now, we are all together and we will give our ALL. Will you help us? STAY AT HOME. THANKS.”