Who was Qassem Soleimani?

The U.S. has killed the second most powerful man in Iran — but what role did he play in the region?

Who was Iranian General Qassem Soleimani?

Considered Iran's number 2, he was killed by an American drone at Baghdad airport on January 3, 2020

The United States has just killed a general considered Iran's number 2. Qassem Soleimani led the Al-Quds force, a unit responsible for external interventions. He led all major military operations in Iran and briefed the Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The 62-year-old spearheaded Iranian military operations in the Middle East as head of Iran's elite Quds Force. The Quds Force has no equivalent in the U.S. but has been described as “analogous to a combined CIA and Special Forces,” according to an article in the New Yorker back in 2013. The Quds Force, which is estimated to consist of about 20,000 personnel, has been designated a terrorist group by the U.S. since 2007, according to reports from MarketWatch.

Towards an American Iranian conflict?

General Qassem Soleimani was killed by an American drone at Baghdad airport on January 3, 2020. He was killed at Baghdad airport, along with other Iran-backed militia figures, in a strike ordered by U.S. President Donald Trump. For the United States, he was a formidable adversary. The U.S. sees him as a terrorist. He allegedly was making plans to attack American diplomats and the military in Iraq and throughout the region.

In Iran, he was a hero

Soleimani was born in 1957 and spent nearly his entire adulthood in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, which he joined after the 1979 revolution in Iran, according to the Wall Street Journal. Soleimani rose to prominence during the 1980–’88 Iran-Iraq War, and by 2013 had become one of Iran’s most important figures. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei therefore decreed a three-day national mourning and promised to avenge it. The death of Qassem Soleimani could have major consequences in the region and could lead to a US-Iranian conflict.


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  • Spartokarkar K.
    07/16/2020 16:46

    Acabo caifas, faz tempo.🌍🔥

  • Susie J.
    07/07/2020 00:28

    Donald t Iran will never forget you ever..

  • Zaki M.
    07/06/2020 04:40

    Karma..look at US now..highest covid 19 in the world and cops killing their own people..loses in Afghan..Trump is loser...hahaha

  • Cj S.
    07/03/2020 07:30

    That's abu nazeer lol.

  • Robin D.
    06/30/2020 15:13

    One example ; N korea is ruled by a murdering dictator who locks up his own people and starves them of knowledge , food and freedom . Tell me of the above countries you would like to live in , Gangsters state russia , shithole terrorist backer iran , syria ?

  • Eddie P.
    06/30/2020 09:02

    Please come get this fool.

  • Muhammad N.
    06/30/2020 07:18

    It's so funny how he says that Suleimani is working for "his own interest" and the "Islamic Revolution interest" while the US has been causing instability and going for oil for decades by now.

  • Ifeanyi E.
    06/30/2020 04:25

    This news is to distract trump relation to Russia. He knows that Russians paid bounty for American lives and kept quiet 🤫. Trump should tweet and condemn his God father Putin like the way he did to ex president. Ex girlfriend, ex wife’s, ex cabinet members. He is quite now.

  • Alex N.
    06/29/2020 22:41

    Don't commit terrorism

  • Simon J.
    06/29/2020 22:23

    Now that an arrest warrant is out for Donald Trump, hopefully he is renditioned to Iran!

  • Deolar I.
    06/29/2020 22:22

    Senseless Iranian leaders act always like overgrown fools!

  • Jamie W.
    06/29/2020 22:19

    Oh god yes please come get him!!!

  • Craig N.
    06/29/2020 19:03

    More missiles ready for Iranian leaders who threaten USA, NOT more pallets of cash for appeasment....

  • Ishtiaq H.
    06/29/2020 18:04

    There is no issue of terrorism , USA uses this term as per its convenience to put pressure on selective state especially muslim world to gain interest of geopolitics, trade,arms selling. USA, ISRAEL combinedly made Al Quida , ISI like many extremist group to ruin the Image muslim ,destabilize Middle East.

  • Ishtiaq H.
    06/29/2020 18:03

    US is the axil of evil all around the world!

  • JJ A.
    06/29/2020 17:41

    And also on . His “Allah o Akbar” Shiite Jihadist thugs led and aided the cowardly army to invade and control , the oil & largest city. Since then the Islamist & corrupt regime and dictatorship have been busy violently displacing replacing them with Arabs, Turks, and Iranians, reducing the past more than 80% Kurdish majority down to 60% 😱

  • Mohammad J.
    06/29/2020 17:38

    Qassem Soleimani was a terrorist who is responsible for destroying Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Well done USA. USA should do it earlier.

  • Hind H.
    06/29/2020 17:01

    "He was actively developping plans to blah blah" i don't think he's that stupid...USA has a long history of killing and destroying for imaginary reasons...Just look at Iraq...USA is the real

  • Walter A.
    06/29/2020 16:12

    Lmao and? Sounds like Iran needs some more freedom.

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