World leaders respond to pandemic

One of these world leaders is not like the other... Here's how President Trump's coronavirus response contrasts with other key political figures. 🌍🦠

Failure From the Top

Trump’s disinformation, ignorance, and lack of accountability responding to COVID-19 as other leaders brace accordingly.

Macron of France prepared for the worst case

French officials made sure, early on, to echo best practices from the world health organization while taking steps to be able to provide tests and care for the population. In the mind of Donald Trump, this pandemic just happened and surprised us all.

Merkel of Germany unafraid to share sobering truths

The German Chancellor made a point to stress that the virus’ trajectory pointed to a majority of the population becoming both exposed and or infected. In a nationally televised address, less than a week ago Donald Trump continued to downplay the dangers and risks posed to the country he was elected to protect

Conte of Italy ready and willing to prop up nation financially

While Italian leadership understood their failed preparedness and reacted accordingly to prevent economic ruin, Donald Trump has gone forward with an aid package and declaration of emergency only once it was finally politically expedient

Johnson of Britain stresses containment measures

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, among many others, unequivocally preach the importance of active and vigilant measures to minimize infections as Donald Trump is on record promoting passivity when addressing supporters at a rally

Morrisson of Australia calls for unity on a national and global level

Collective action and a singular shared goal is the mantra of Australia’s Prime Minister and his cabinet in mitigating a crisis with the broadest reach of a generation. Donald Trump has continually stressed the fact that the health of many will only be lightly affected, if at all, and they can exist on an island of sorts, undisturbed. “When you compare what we’ve done to other areas of the world it’s pretty incredible.” Indeed, Mr. President.