1. Sun dogs: a wintertime phenomenon in the sky

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  2. Japan: whale trapped for 3 weeks has died

  3. A team of researchers traveled to the highest city in the world

  4. The Iberian lynx is no longer critically endangered

  5. 24 good news stories for planet

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  6. Artificial reefs to protect the ocean floor

  7. Veggie burgers for meat eaters, Beyond Meat's success story

  8. Meet the Liger

  9. #TBT: The resurgence of electric cars

  10. Table Mountain's cascade of clouds

  11. Why the platypus is considered a chimera

  12. This bat hibernates in the snow

  13. This architect transforms used textiles into bricks

  14. Ukraine's mysterious Tunnel of Love

  15. How the Northern Gannet fish

  16. The antennariid is a bizarre animal but a really good hunter

  17. Bioluminescence can be found in many places across the world

  18. How carnivorous plants function

  19. The story of a rare photograph of a Siberian tiger

  20. What if trees could improve our health?

  21. This city in Sweden has ranked 1st in the GDSI

  22. Maya Bay will stay closed for an indefinite period of time

  23. 31 species are extinct, and thousands more endangered

  24. Tama River in Japan used to be significantly polluted

  25. The pygmy seahorse, a master of camouflage

  26. Cotton-candy pink lakes in the south of France

  27. What is Sand?

  28. 2020 temperatures break heat records

  29. Oldest Trees on the Planet are mysteriously dying out

  30. Colombia is home to the famed Quindío wax palms

  31. These 66 apes have been stranded on an island for years

  32. Slovenia is the world's most eco-friendly destination

  33. Blue is not a common color in nature

  34. The gigantic pirarucu fish is making a comeback

  35. This giant glacier is on a collision course with a British overseas territory

  36. A rainbow-colored octopus spotted off the Philippine coast

  37. 6 good news stories from 2020

  38. What are the purposes of pine cones?

  39. Puli dogs are some of the world's hairiest dog breeds

  40. Road trip across New Zealand

  41. Matcha is packed with health benefits

  42. Where do natural pigments come from?

  43. How birds synchronize their flight

  44. 3 amazing landscapes at the borders of Brazil

  45. How do kangaroos fight?

  46. Sarah Shenker tells Brut about indigenous leader Paulo Paulino's life story

  47. How sea otters protect themselves from the cold

  48. Impressive images of kayakers descending the Saut du Doubs

  49. What to do if you encounter a bear

  50. In Nordic countries, everyone has the "freedom to roam"

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