Giant Cane Toad 'Toadzilla' Found in Australia

'Toadzilla', a massive poisonous cane toad discovered in Australia, could be the world's largest. The toad weighed in at 2.7kg (almost 6lbs).

Where was Toadzilla found ?

“Toadzilla,” as it was dubbed, was found in northeastern Australia and weighed almost 6 pounds. The area’s Department of Environment and Science tweeted that they were “shocked to find” such a “monster.” 

"Refrain from licking toads"

Sadly, Toadzilla” was ultimately euthanized because of *“the environmental damage they cause.”* The rangers who made the discovery in Queensland’s Conway National Park said a toad that size *“eats almost anything they can swallow”*, including honey bees, native frogs, smaller toads, small mammals, and snakes. 

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After being introduced to Australia in 1935, the cane toads became an invasive species and have negatively impacted the country’s native wildlife. 

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