1. Blue is not a common color in nature

  2. There are fewer and fewer silent zones in the US

  3. Meet the cutest animal in the world

  4. A surge in biking following the coronavirus outbreak in New York City

  5. These birds can mimic many sounds from their environment

  6. When the cherry trees blossom

  7. Some bacterias are essential to our well-being

  8. Why do cats have rough tongues?

  9. Coronavirus drives wild animals into cities

  10. What does the narwhal use its tusk for?

  11. Blooming spring flowers

  12. Easter Island : the mystery of its native culture

  13. DIY: 4 eco-friendly products to clean your home

  14. The biggest cave on Earth is higher than a 40-story building

  15. In China, this remote village is covered in vegetation

  16. Does music help plants grow?

  17. The naked mole-rat is one of the toughest animals

  18. Sustainable recipe: Lentil falafels with yogurt sauce

  19. The story of Freser the cow

  20. Crinoids are ancient marine animals

  21. What is crown shyness?

  22. Leeches, a valuable tool in hospitals

  23. Meet Paul Watson, controversial Sea Shepherd Founder

  24. There are thousands of legless lizards worldwide

  25. The giant squid: a most elusive creature

  26. In Nordic countries, everyone has the "freedom to roam"

  27. How archerfish catch their prey

  28. How the Northern Gannet fish

  29. The Australian white ibis is considered both a cultural icon and a pest

  30. Two White Giraffes Killed By Poachers

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  31. Two white giraffes killed by poachers

  32. John and Molly Chester traded city living for barren farmland

  33. Wave Rock is one of Australia's must-see features

  34. If there were only 100 animals on Earth...

  35. Breeding flat-faced dogs is damaging their health

  36. How do batteries affect the environment?

  37. Interview: Native Americans are facing a new threat according to Casey Camp Horinek

  38. This French school cafeteria serves 100% organic meals

  39. The metamorphosis of a stalk-eyed fly

  40. Interview with Agathe about her hearing dog

  41. Cormorant fishing is a dying tradition

  42. Pangolins under threat as illegal trafficking grows

  43. Brain implants could be happening soon

  44. Brazil: dolphins working alongside fishermen

  45. Coronavirus is causing a dramatic drop in pollution in China

  46. Why some animals have a blue tongue

  47. Greta Thunberg: EU climate law is 'surrender'

  48. The diving bell spider encases its abdomen in an air bubble

  49. A tortoise related to Lonesome George discovered in the Galapágos Islands

  50. Why the proboscis monkey has a big nose

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