1. China has announced a 5-year action plan to fight plastic

  2. Greta Thunberg's speech at Davos 2020

  3. Florida: Babcock Ranch was created from scratch in 2017

  4. Creative alternatives to plastic bags

  5. How is silk manufactured?

  6. Australia: a secret mission to save prehistoric trees

  7. Meet Eliott Schonfeld

  8. Australia has been devastated by wildfires for decades

  9. 180 sheep were saved from this sinking ship

  10. Philippine volcano Taal is spewing ash and lava

  11. Cambodia: 10 dogs freed from a slaughterhouse

  12. 5 good news for the planet January 2020

  13. Indigenous Women are Fighting to Save the Amazon

  14. Whale playing rugby goes viral

  15. Kangaroo Island has been decimated by wildfires

  16. This viral photo of a little girl holding a koala

  17. The extent of Australia’s wildlfires in 5 consequences

  18. Austin is striving to become a model city for sustainability

  19. Heatwave in Australia : Cyclists give parched koala a drink of water

  20. The « whale jail » has closed its doors

  21. Australia's bushfire crisis : apocalyptic images in Mallacoota

  22. These youth activists have a message for world leaders

  23. Fuel spill 'under control' in Galapagos Islands

  24. Ambudog: A mobile veterinarian for dogs in Mexico

  25. Tourism in Antarctica is raising concerns

  26. The hidden environmental cost of outdoor heaters in cafés

  27. Low-tech initiatives: Transforming waste into compost using flies

  28. The environmental cost of winter sports

  29. The lamprey is also known as the "stone licker"

  30. The hidden lives of farmed turkeys

  31. Low-tech initiatives: Providing villages with water without using any electricity

  32. Atop this path is an old, secret radio antenna left by the U.S. Navy

  33. #TeamTrees: the amazing challenge taken on by YouTubers from around the world

  34. Brazil's Amazon Deforestation Rate Spikes

  35. Viral videos are taking a toll on slow lorises

  36. Interview: This woman chose not to have any kids

  37. 5 things to take away from the COP25

  38. Foie gras, a dish as popular as it is controversial

  39. A green ski slope on top of a waste plant in Copenhagen

  40. A carbon bomb is ticking in Congo

  41. Greta Thunberg's speech at the COP25

  42. Polar-bear spray-painted with strange graffiti in Russia

  43. Saving the European hamster

  44. In Lebanon, animals are also victims of the crisis

  45. Meet activist Henry Spira

  46. Sustainable recipe: brined chicken with sautéed red kuri squash

  47. Risks of floods are on the rise around the world

  48. How avalanche rescue dogs are trained

  49. Freetown is taking action against climate change

  50. Donald Trump wants to exploit this old-growth forest

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