1. The cost of Black Friday on the environment

  2. Declaring "climatic emergency": a rapidly-growing trend

  3. Interview with the founder of "A home for bees"

  4. What's the situation of bees around the world?

  5. Mission Microplastics 2019: the impact of plastic pollution in rivers

  6. Lewis the koala dies weeks after being rescued from flames

  7. This coalition wants to save the Sumatran Rhino

  8. Mexico: How Cabo Pulmo was turned into a unique ecosystem

  9. How do dogs smell?

  10. This online shop offers organic produce and zero-waste deliveries

  11. 3 monkeys with unusual colors

  12. Footage shot at a French pig factory farm

  13. The annual spawning of the Great Barrier Reef was a success

  14. Australia: This woman saved a koala from the flames

  15. Rare footage of a "dumbo octopus" off the coast of California

  16. Australia: Hundreds of koalas killed in raging fires

  17. TBT: When Hubert Reeves was sounding the alarm about climate change

  18. Spain: Thousands of suffocated fish washed up

  19. Toothbrushes can pollute the environment for over 500 years

  20. What if rainforests disappeared ?

  21. The mouse deer

  22. 80 % of hotels in the US are faced with bed bugs

  23. Thailand : elephants are mistreated to keep tourists entertained

  24. New Zealand MP says "Ok boomer" during Parliament speech about climate emergency

  25. Interview: Joaquin Phoenix tells Brut why he's vegan

  26. 5 good news stories

  27. Zimbabwe: More than 50 elephants found dead after drought

  28. The bizarre rhinoceros hornbill

  29. Australian koalas under threat

  30. Eco-friendly burials

  31. Woodland caribou could go extinct

  32. River dolphins in the Amazon are threatened by mercury contamination

  33. Geothermy: this icelandic farm grows vegetables all year round

  34. These three waterfalls are a must-see in eastern France

  35. Peregrine falcons are back in Paris

  36. Meet the Wombat

  37. Do animals commit suicide?

  38. The worst plastic polluting companies revealed

  39. Qatar installs outdoor air conditioning systems to cope with the heat

  40. The Honduran white bat is tiny

  41. How to make a water filter

  42. Denmark is buying the country's last remaining circus elephants

  43. Giraffes numbers have been plummeting

  44. The story of Gerhana, a little orangutan orphan

  45. Barcelona: A huge amount of human waste has reached the sea

  46. Activist Hilda Flavia Nakabuye's speech at the C40 in Copenhagen

  47. Mayor of Paris discusses the climate crisis with young people from different countries

  48. Brazil: tarballs have been piling up on over 100 beaches

  49. 163 dolphins mysteriously washed up in Cape Verde

  50. #TBT : French television was already wondering about the melting of glaciers in 1963

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