1. Blue is not a common color in nature

  2. The gigantic pirarucu fish is making a comeback

  3. This giant glacier is on a collision course with a British overseas territory

  4. A rainbow-colored octopus spotted off the Philippine coast

  5. 6 good news stories from 2020

  6. What are the purposes of pine cones?

  7. Puli dogs are some of the world's hairiest dog breeds

  8. Road trip across New Zealand

  9. Matcha is packed with health benefits

  10. Where do natural pigments come from?

  11. How birds synchronize their flight

  12. 3 amazing landscapes at the borders of Brazil

  13. How do kangaroos fight?

  14. Sarah Shenker tells Brut about indigenous leader Paulo Paulino's life story

  15. How sea otters protect themselves from the cold

  16. Impressive images of kayakers descending the Saut du Doubs

  17. What to do if you encounter a bear

  18. In Nordic countries, everyone has the "freedom to roam"

  19. The biggest cave on Earth is higher than a 40-story building

  20. Tromsø is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights

  21. Why reindeer eyes change color over the course of the year

  22. The giant squid: a most elusive creature

  23. Is wine good for our health?

  24. The story of Nauru, the "country that ate itself"

  25. The life of Japanese dog Hachikō

  26. The story of Keiko, the orca from « Free Willy »

  27. How to host a an eco-friendly Christmas

  28. Why shouldn’t we kill spiders?

  29. DIY: How to replace gift-wrapping paper

  30. The impact of Christmas on the environment

  31. Crocodilians have a surprising maternal instinct

  32. This hotel in Norway has unusual guests...

  33. How a 99-year-old still goes on bike rides

  34. 3 of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world

  35. The ring-tailed cat is a mammal of the raccoon family

  36. How squid are born

  37. Adopting an animal should be considered carefully

  38. 3 fearsome insect predators

  39. The story behind Delhi's immense landfill

  40. The striking appearance of bush vipers

  41. How to choose your Christmas tree

  42. Scientists designed a sustainable diet for 2050

  43. What's a blood moon?

  44. Some bacterias are essential to our well-being

  45. The Paris Agreement: what difference does it make if the U.S. is in or out?

  46. How do caracals use their ears?

  47. India: Sikkim is the first organic state in the world

  48. Why some animals have a blue tongue

  49. Why goldfish don’t belong in bowls

  50. Allergies are on the rise

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