1. 3 amazing landscapes in the western United States

  2. The benefits of Goji berries

  3. Activists tried to block a huge coal mine in Germany

  4. Many animals master basic math

  5. The big 5 mass extinctions on Earth

  6. Interview with the Mayor of Sydney

  7. Gulf of Mexico: this "dead zone" could be one of the largest recorded

  8. Singapore took a green approach to its development

  9. Deep-sea mining is the new gold rush

  10. Bush meat trafficking is a worldwide phenomenon

  11. Chimpanzees are losing their cultural diversity

  12. 5 good news stories

  13. Expedition to the heart of an active volcano

  14. Sustainable recipe: Oat milk quinoa pudding with seasonal strawberries

  15. Versus: Who's the better hunter?

  16. Plastic found in the deepest depths of the ocean

  17. In Turkmenistan, this crater has been burning non-stop since 1971

  18. Gardens by the Bay brings futuristic architecture and botany together

  19. A cigarette surfboard to raise awareness about plastic pollution

  20. These 3 spiders are amazing

  21. Tornado Alley covers over a dozen states from Texas to North Dakota

  22. The Great Trail is the longest hiking trail

  23. What life looks like for some chickens raised in farms

  24. These French students are bringing nature to their campus

  25. Turmeric's multiple health benefits

  26. A growing number of people are ashamed of flying

  27. What lies beneath the world's most polluted river

  28. Colombia: Escobar's hippos have multiplied

  29. Raoni is rallying support to protect the Amazon region

  30. The bigeye tuna population struggles to recover from overfishing

  31. These athletes fished out over a ton of trash out of the Mediterranean sea

  32. The "Cleanest Village in Asia"

  33. How to train herding dogs

  34. Red crabs are threatened by crazy ants

  35. Sustainable recipe: White-bean hummus

  36. The magnificent riflebird's mating dance

  37. This surprising marine mammal is threatened

  38. This association equips indigenous villages with solar kits

  39. This bike route will soon cross Europe from north to south

  40. How to limit your impact on biodiversity

  41. 3 wonders to see in Vietnam

  42. Brut met young people involved in the "Youth for Climate" movement

  43. USA: Bryce Canyon National Park is huge natural amphitheater

  44. 15 anti-plastic actions in 15 days

  45. Interview with Sting: how we can solve the environmental crises

  46. Portrait of Wangari Maathai

  47. Thailand: elephant calf "Dumbo" has just died

  48. Deforestation rates in the Amazon forest highest in a decade

  49. How pets communicate with their tails

  50. These youtubers discuss the water crisis in Guinea

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