1. Russia: belugas and orcas held captive

  2. Balloons are more likely to kill animals than plastic debris

  3. Illegal gold panning in French Guiana: episode 1

  4. The Arctic tern holds the record for the longest migration

  5. The Juan Fernández Islands are protecting their biodiversity

  6. The mara is the third biggest rodent in the world

  7. Australia: drastic drop in plastic bag consumption

  8. Rare two-headed snake discovered in Virginia

  9. Italy faces olive oil crisis

  10. This squirrel's fur is fluorescent under ultraviolet light

  11. Synesthesia: when two senses become one

  12. WWF: "No Plastic in Nature" guide

  13. Animals at Rafah zoo are living in deplorable conditions

  14. Versus: Should glyphosate be banned?

  15. The Mendenhall ice caves

  16. 5 good news stories

  17. Only 1 in 5 discarded electronic items is recycled

  18. Australia: bats suffer from major heatwave

  19. French Guiana: NGOS and citizens protesting against oil-drilling project

  20. While a tortoise reappears, a rodent goes extinct

  21. The close relationship between fungi and trees

  22. More and more birds are disappearing worldwide

  23. The living conditions of laying hens in France

  24. How wolves survive winter in the Alps

  25. This city in Sweden has ranked 1st in the GDSI

  26. This female orangutan has just regained her freedom

  27. These animals are the world's best hunters

  28. How does the alligator snapping turtle hunt?

  29. Zero-waste recipe: warm toasted bread salad

  30. French NGOs want banks to stop investing in fossil fuels

  31. Thwaites Glacier's disappearance will have a tragic impact

  32. How can we keep global warming below 1,5°C?

  33. A black panther was spotted in central Kenya

  34. The Inca trail leads to an iconic place

  35. Polar bears invaded a Russian village

  36. Interview: filmmaker Werner Boote on greenwashing

  37. All insects could be extinct 100 years from now

  38. How antlers grow

  39. How a school of fish function

  40. US: massive circle of ice spotted in Maine

  41. Interview with psychiatrist Claude Virot on hypnosis

  42. Brazil: the world's biggest insect-built structure

  43. Two male penguins have raised a healthy chick

  44. California: these elephant seals are taking advantage of the shutdown

  45. Fishing: Why FADs are a threat to marine life

  46. Cold spells and climate change: could there be a link between them?

  47. Cocaine production's ecological impact

  48. Insects are vanishing at an alarming rate

  49. Researchers evaluated the benefits of yoga

  50. 27-year-old French man completes a solo trek to the South Pole with no assistance or replenishments

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