1. Some European zoos are selling their tigers to China

  2. The Alternatiba Tour is the biggest citizen mobilization for the climate

  3. The Lebanon cedar is under threat

  4. Tree-kangaroos risk extinction

  5. Hungry Black Bear Rescue 🐻🚗

  6. Elephant shrews form a big family of 19 species

  7. Dominican Republic: tons of garbage are accumulating on this beach

  8. AgroParisTech is testing techniques that could be used in urban agriculture

  9. Most Nigerians breathe an air that is too polluted

  10. Villagers slaughter nearly 300 crocodiles

  11. Copenhagen named "Green Capital of Europe"

  12. Lake Baikal is called the "Galapagos of Russia"

  13. The Chinese alligator is being reintroduced into the Yangtze River

  14. San Francisco recycles 80% of its waste♻️

  15. Water is returning to the Aral Sea

  16. Water is returning to the Aral Sea

  17. Rapa is the most isolated island in French Polynesia

  18. Operation Thunderstorm seizes tons of live animals

  19. In Turkey, a puppy brought the animal rights issue back

  20. Burkina Faso: in Bazoulé, villagers workship crocodiles

  21. French journalist Martin Boudot on the impacts of gold mining in South Africa

  22. The Bay of fires was named the world's hottest destination for 2009

  23. How Robin Williams Befriended Koko the Gorilla

  24. Mammals are becoming increasingly nocturnal all over the world

  25. Australia: the world's oldest Sumatran Orangutan has just died

  26. Forest Green Rovers is bringing ecology and soccer together

  27. In the last 5 years, ice has been melting 3 times faster

  28. General Carrera lake's caves are considered to be among the most beautiful in the world

  29. Mayor brings garbage back to illegal dumpers

  30. This year's pandathlon will help protect the Eurasian Lynx

  31. Iran : the decline of lake Urmia

  32. This river in Guyana is polluted due to the illegal exploitation of gold

  33. WWF's new 360° immersion series

  34. Biomimicry literally means " to imitate life"

  35. The BiodiversiTerre project in Paris

  36. We Love Green, a French and eco-friendly festival

  37. UN's new campaign to fight plastic pollution

  38. The world's biggest dead zone has just been discovered

  39. A giant meteor struck Earth 66 million years ago

  40. Meet Claire Nouvian

  41. Francia Marquez's fight for the environment in Colombia

  42. An explosive eruption occurred at Hawaii's Kilauea volcano

  43. The Trump administration wants to reinstitute several hunting practices

  44. The Wild Immersion VR experience

  45. The Louisiana crayfish is invading the German capital

  46. Christian Clot Interview

  47. This lake is home to two incredible jellyfish species

  48. Brut interview : Mauricio Garcia Pereira

  49. Finland is the country with the cleanest air

  50. China's first solar highway

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