1. If mosquitoes were to disappear...

  2. Meet the most sophisticated octopus in the world

  3. 3 alternatives to disposable sanitary products

  4. Colombia is home to the famed Quindío wax palms

  5. Why goldfish don’t belong in bowls

  6. Somewhere in California lives the world's oldest tree

  7. How fireflies light up

  8. This animal-only bridge is saving lives and wildlife

  9. Why cruise ships are so harmful to the environment

  10. A model of biointensive farming to transform global agriculture

  11. The biggest cave on Earth is higher than a 40-story building

  12. Austria's magical Green Lake disappears in winter

  13. Why some animals have a blue tongue

  14. The impact of cigarettes on the environment

  15. The jackfruit can replace meat

  16. How archerfish catch their prey

  17. 3 amazing landscapes at the borders of Brazil

  18. DIY garden ideas: How to make a terrarium

  19. 31 species are extinct, and thousands more endangered

  20. The benefits of Goji berries

  21. The mysterious Greenland sharks

  22. Blue is not a common color in nature

  23. The "false solutions" to the climate crisis

  24. How do caracals use their ears?

  25. Ukraine's mysterious Tunnel of Love

  26. 3 innovative urban greening initiatives

  27. Meet Marjan, Afghanistan's last lion

  28. This leather is not made from cowhide but from fish

  29. The Isle of Pines, "Jewel of the Pacific"

  30. Why do convergent lady beetles gather?

  31. 3 natural phenomena to see in Japan

  32. Why house cats with white fur are often deaf

  33. The Atacama, the oldest desert in the world

  34. 3 strange life forms

  35. The Sagano Bamboo Forest, a magical experience in Kyōto

  36. How to protect against forest fires

  37. 4 species extinct in the wild

  38. Crinoids are ancient marine animals

  39. Scientists designed a sustainable diet for 2050

  40. How to use masks in a more eco-friendly way

  41. This park in Croatia is a natural wonder

  42. The box jellyfish is one of the most feared animals

  43. Sustainable recipe: Egg marinated in beer with sprouted sunflower seeds

  44. Single-use masks and gloves are generating new plastic pollution

  45. What is plant-based milk's environmental impact?

  46. This is what happens to used contact lenses

  47. Why shouldn’t we kill spiders?

  48. Svartifoss Waterfall, a stunning place in South Iceland

  49. This gecko with huge eyes lives in the Namib Desert

  50. Which countries are most vulnerable to meteorological disasters?

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