1. Pangolin hunting in Cameroon

  2. Divers stumbled upon an extremely rare giant squid egg

  3. Devils Tower, Wyoming's giant monolith

  4. Searching for the "ghost of the mountains"

  5. Brazil: Cerrado's giant termite mounts

  6. How do porcupines defend themselves?

  7. 3 wonders found in the Philippines

  8. The difference between a pebble beach and a sandy beach

  9. The babirusa, a wild pig from Indonesia

  10. What is lightning?

  11. Cotton-candy pink lakes in the south of France

  12. Russia's Oil Spill Turns River Red

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  13. The white rhino population has increased by a least 17.000%

  14. China: These humans are doing the work of bees

  15. Yakushima's magical cedar forest

  16. This park in Croatia is a natural wonder

  17. What is food sovereignty?

  18. Meet the sea robin, a fish with legs and "wings"

  19. Nepal: the death-defying honey hunters

  20. Ursa Major, one of the largest constellations in our sky

  21. Japan's glowing Kochia Hill

  22. This is the second-smallest reptile in the world

  23. The Mediterranean Basin is the most affected by rising temperatures

  24. Hvítserkur, a majestic dark monolith in Iceland

  25. 3 incredible landscapes to explore in France

  26. The Zanzibar red colobus, a strange and endangered primate

  27. Katia Krafft is responsible for much of what we know about volcanoes

  28. China: thousands of cats and dogs are killed each year during Yulin festival

  29. What the United States will look like in 2050

  30. Orphaned orangutan saved by Four Paws

  31. The liquid rainbow is a natural treasure

  32. These animals are black because of melanism

  33. Mamma's Laef, reusable sanitary pads in Vanuatu

  34. Meet the Saharan silver ant, the fastest ant in the world

  35. How do animals sleep ?

  36. The Benagil Beach cave, an hidden gem in the Algarve

  37. The rainbow eucalyptus is one of the most stunning trees

  38. What to do about ticks?

  39. The mysterious Pyrenean desman

  40. These tropical species are travelling to the north

  41. Hiking, for a change of scenery in your own country

  42. Is this color-changing octopus dreaming?

  43. Are corals resistant to climate change?

  44. Single-use masks and gloves are generating new plastic pollution

  45. Autumn Peltier: The Water Warrior

  46. The artificial insemination of rabbits in a French farm

  47. The trapdoor spider's fearsome hunting technique

  48. The Iberian lynx still faces threats

  49. The striking desert of White Sands National Park

  50. Boom time for bikes amid the coronavirus crisis

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