1. Frogfish have incredible hunting techniques

  2. The acanthaster, a coral-eating seafish

  3. Brocéliande: King Arthur's legendary forest

  4. How to regenerate oceans in 30 years time

  5. Why Indies Are Also Dream Pets

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  6. Mount Roraima, a mountain surrounded by clouds

  7. Sri Lanka: Sigiriya's amazing landscape

  8. Why flamingos are pink

  9. Living root bridges made of living plants

  10. Wave Rock is one of Australia's must-see features

  11. 3 remarkable animals you can find in Australia

  12. The antennariid is a bizarre animal but a really good hunter

  13. How ants carry heavy loads

  14. Bioluminescence can be found in many places across the world

  15. The aye aye is on the brink of extinction

  16. How A Child Activist Changed An Indonesian Law

  17. The training of police dogs

  18. 1 million species are now in danger of extinction

  19. Road trip across New Zealand

  20. All these animals are threatened by humans

  21. What is Sand?

  22. The Kilauea volcano is only one of 169 active volcanoes in the USA

  23. Cordyceps attack insects in order to grow

  24. Peru has a new national park

  25. The serval is the second-fastest cat after the cheetah

  26. This fish builds impressive underwater sandcastles

  27. The babirusa, a wild pig from Indonesia

  28. How do sharks find their prey?

  29. The surprising landscape at Slope Point

  30. This ant and this tree have a relationship that benefits both species

  31. The Portuguese man o'war: a colony of thousands of animals

  32. 3 of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world

  33. What are the purposes of pine cones?

  34. Raccoon dogs are spreading as far as eastern France

  35. New Caledonia: diving in the world's last pristine reefs

  36. Bolivia's Salar d'Uyuni could be imperiled

  37. World agriculture is polluting our planet

  38. Tama River in Japan used to be significantly polluted

  39. How antlers grow

  40. Crocodilians have a surprising maternal instinct

  41. How would the Earth look like if all the ice melted?

  42. The mysterious island of Socotra

  43. The big 5 mass extinctions on Earth

  44. How do horned lizards defend themselves?

  45. Are corals resistant to climate change?

  46. Discover the biggest flower on Earth

  47. Expedition to the heart of an active volcano

  48. 3 reasons to protect wolves

  49. 6 breathtaking spots to pitch your tent

  50. These fish undergo a complete metamorphosis

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