Animal Torture Around the World

Leaked video of monkey torture in Germany shocked the world this week. Here’s a look at how animals suffer cruelty from humans around the world.

A trained animal can be a maltreated animal

Monkeys - In Germany, these monkeys are subjected to “barbaric” treatment at a laboratory of pharmacology and toxicology. During testing, the monkeys are restrained by braces. According to this Cruelty Free International, the monkeys were born in China in a breeding farm, then sent to European labs. The lab is under investigation amid calls for its closure as it breaks E.U. standards on animal welfare. Each year, nearly 800,000 animals are used in U.S. labs for research according to the USDA.

Pigs - On October 9, 2019, a PETA eyewitness investigation revealed the mistreatment of pigs at a pig farm near Brownstown, Indiana. The video shows piglets being thrown by farm staff members. PETA showed the video from the source at the conference at the Hyatt Regency in Louisville, showing pigs in crates, a worker cutting tails off piglets, throwing them in the air to another worker, and leaving other pigs to die on the factory floor.

Calves - These calves were born on a French dairy farm. Their everyday life includes beatings, no access to the outdoors. The number of male calves being killed straight after birth is on the rise again, despite efforts by the dairy industry to end the practice known as ‘the dirty secret’.

Elephants - In Thailand, this elephant was trained for human entertainment — undergoing routine violence. Julien Maïmoun —a former volunteer at The Elephant Rescue Center in Thailand — raises awareness about the living conditions of domesticated elephants. An elephant doesn’t obey, it submits itself. That means that in order to train an elephant, they train them through exhaustion. Often, trainers use a pickax that they call a “bullhook,” and hit the animal repeatedly in sensitive areas for days. An animal that’s famished, thirsty and locked up. And then, the elephant will do everything, it’ll obey any order so that any injury it got while being trained won’t be aggravated by new blows in these sensitive areas.