Foie gras, one of the most controversial foods in the world

"Foie gras is one of the rare products where animals are intentionally made sick".

12/31/2017 5:09 PM


  • Caszper E.
    09/19/2018 00:04

    oh fuck you...

  • Marie D.
    09/14/2018 22:16

    A horrible torture for these animals! How can anyone bear to eat the product of such suffering?👎🏻😩😝

  • Nåthån T.
    07/17/2018 20:58

    Foie grass does not have to be forced, a Spanish farmer plants all the right stuff and his birds gorge naturally, he even won an award jn france

  • Connor J.
    07/17/2018 19:41

    America's bad but it seems like every other country does some extreme shit that's just unnecessary, like we fuck with animals enough now you need to eat throw up or whatever the fuck it is. Damn french don't you have a war to surrender in or something

  • Naheed A.
    07/17/2018 18:49

    Anything that involves cruelty with defenceless animals is digusting not delicious.

  • Benjamin P.
    07/17/2018 18:08

    No. I will buy it all the time

  • Christopher T.
    07/17/2018 11:41

    It's funny how y'all are bitching and moaning about how the French cruelly and inhumanely produce Foie Gras (so fucking delicious Btw's 😋).. But yet no one is crying about how baby calves are treated in order to produce delicious Veal... Haha y'all really need to get yer priorities straightened up a bit.. 😂🖕

  • Susan C.
    07/17/2018 02:09

    God in heaven! 😞

  • JC R.
    07/17/2018 01:53

    Stuck up people and animal abusers Smh

  • David B.
    07/15/2018 14:45

    Funny how eating animal proteins helps brain development and now that vegans are a thing IQs are dropping significantly world wide.........

  • Mariana M.
    07/13/2018 23:43


  • Hayley B.
    07/13/2018 21:12

    Not just ducks but so many other animals are intentionally fattened as well just because "its yummy"

  • Satara J.
    07/12/2018 01:07

    Yet America fattens cows and other animals and makes them grow up faster. 😑. Pamela Anderson is asking the the French to stop.... girl you need to be Petitioning your own country 🤔

  • Bryan A.
    07/03/2018 08:09


  • Tiffany M.
    04/26/2018 04:50

    How anyone can buy foie gras and support this disgusting practice is beyond me. 😡

  • Mags T.
    01/10/2018 22:41

    I knew French people are assholes but this is ridiculous!!!

  • Ann W.
    01/02/2018 08:50

    wow this is hard to watch

  • Seosaimhin M.
    01/01/2018 19:07

    Disgusting. Even in my meat eating days I could never eat a fat drenched enlarged liver.

  • Ranjot U.
    01/01/2018 16:15

    humanity is dead

  • Ted K.
    01/01/2018 15:15

    Saw the forced feeding of the geese on a trip through France - - - gross and disturbing and and cruel.

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