Meet Marjan, Afghanistan's last lion

He was Afghanistan's last lion, and became the symbol of Kabul's sufferings. This is the story of Marjan. 🦁 ⚠️ Warning: the following video includes images and audio some viewers may find upsetting or disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

07/18/2018 10:31 AM


  • Carey O.
    08/16/2021 07:10

    And just like that, the Taliban are back.

  • Sarah J.
    08/09/2021 19:20


  • Toshae M.
    06/08/2021 12:12

    I really hate humans who can do things like that😡

  • Aditya Singh
    03/16/2021 17:25

    we humans are sorry 😞

  • Pierre A.
    02/22/2021 11:48

    Scheiß Menschen, Abschaum!!!!

  • Tari P.
    02/11/2021 06:41

    Omg! What pain that beautiful creature endured! Sad

  • Sharlene K.
    02/07/2021 15:35

    His best life was stolen from him through greed and cruelty. He should have stayed free and wild in Africa

  • Hamish D.
    02/05/2021 20:27

    Afghanistan is 1 of those countries that should be wipped off the face of the earth.. What a disgusting race of things they are, not human..

  • Steve B.
    02/01/2021 03:13

    That is sad stupid idiots

  • Melanie D.
    01/29/2021 20:03

    Just to look at this poor lion makes me cry the poor animals. Humanity as lost its way im afraid so sad im ashamed 😞

  • Tanja L.
    01/25/2021 19:40


  • Pauline H.
    01/24/2021 13:34

    Bloody bastards...

  • George T.
    01/16/2021 23:14

    piss off

  • Deborah T.
    01/11/2021 05:54

    Why do humans do this to animals evil disgusting ppl

  • Karan B.
    01/09/2021 20:59

    I hate Zoo's these animals belongs to forests. No country should have the system of zoos its pathetic

  • Lila P.
    01/07/2021 11:44

    L' Humains me Dégoûte!!!

  • Marley M.
    01/06/2021 20:22

    Where did the Germans get a lion from? As far as I know they dont have them in there back yard🤐

  • Marina P.
    12/23/2020 12:40

    Those kind of people they have very ugly souls 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿hell the place for them 😈💀👹

  • Mas L.
    12/20/2020 06:25

    The lion is a representation of what has happened to Africa. An innocent animal that wants just to live taken to alien land and face the most heinous acts of human. Man is the devil on this earth and the same fallen angel, don’t look elsi

  • Paul O.
    12/13/2020 15:08

    What a sad ending, after, all those years of suffering, a taste of freedom, then passed away.

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