Nemo, Guardian of the Amazon Rainforest

She is fighting against her country and against oil companies to save thousands of hectares of the Amazon rainforest. Meet Nemo, a member of the Waorani tribe in Ecuador.

Nemo’s fight

Nemo describes herself as a “guardian of the forest.” She fights against oil companies and against her country, Ecuador, to save thousands of hectares of the Amazon rainforest. In Ecuador, the government has sold off a part of its forests to oil multinationals. Nemo and the members of her community have taken the Ecuadorian government to court. In July 2019, a court suspended the auctioning off of their territory, where the Waorani have lived for thousands of years. To raise awareness about her fight, Nemo participated in a climate march in New York, organized by Greta Thunberg. Nemo hopes that her daughter will be able to continue growing up in this unspoilt nature.

“These are very ancient trees, primordial, because they’ve never been cut down, it’s untouched nature. There are palm trees, guayacan trees, cedrela trees…This jungle is very green. It has never been burnt, it has never been destroyed to make way for livestock…It is untouchable because it gives us life… There are no more trees! They have been cut down, there are roads, farming...We don’t want that! I’m fighting this battle for you, for me, for your children. We want to leave them with clean water, pure air that isn’t contaminated, so that your children can live well. That is my goal,” Nemo shares in recent footage.

Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest has survived several threatening events in the twenty-first century. Several droughts that took place 2005, 2010, 2015, and 2016 impacted the life of the thousands of trees occupying the area. The deadly combination of deforestation and climate change stimulated several forest fires. However, Ecuador’s court has prevented oil exploration activities and forbidden the government from selling the territories of the Amazon to oil companies. There are several foundations to donate to preserve the rainforest that have raised millions of dollars.